Into The Vault: Podicus Wrecks

It has been… an unusual 5-6 weeks for us, Comicdom Wrecks writers/podcasters, and YOU, Constant Readers and Constant Listeners. Schedules have been thrown out the window, especially with the podcast, Comicdom Wrecks!

So, while things are a bit out of sorts, and I have a brief break in school work, I went back into the Podicus Wrecks Archives to pick out an episode, here and there, that stuck out to me.

The first one is Episode #96, recorded in July 2018. J.R. and Jacob reviewed and recapped the game, Detroit Becomes Human; there are game spoilers. I was not there: it was around my 40th birthday, plus I hadn’t played the game, at that time. 😉

Sit back and enjoy!

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