Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman

Back in November 2007, Gail Simone would start her two and a half year run writing Wonder Woman.  It began with issue #14, and would end with issue #44.  It has long been a run that I wanted to read, but just never found the time to do so.  Well, I figured that now was as good as time as any to finally get around to it.  Also, I might as well chronicle it as I read it. What you’ll see is a detailed account of each story arc in her run, with my personal thoughts as I am reading this for the first time.  I do not know what happens in this run, so you will be getting my thoughts as if these were new issues.  That means I may question developments that are resolved later in the story, or later in the run (please don’t spoil those).

Wonder Woman vol 3 14 cover“The Circle”
Issues #14-17
Art by Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Lee Loughridge, and Alex Sinclair.

Learn what “The Circle” is, and the role they played on the night of Diana’s birth, as well as how they still view the Amazonian princess today.

Wonder Woman vol 3 18 cover“Expatriate”
Issues #18-19
Art by Bernard Chang

Diana attempts to form new bonds both on Earth and beyond.

Wonder Woman vol 3 20 cover“Ends of the Earth”
Issues #20-23
Art by Aaron Lopresti

Diana is summoned to another world to combat a threat that could eliminate all worlds.

Wonder Woman vol 3 24“A Star in the Heavens”
Issues #24-25
Art by Bernard Chang and Brad Anderson

Wonder Woman takes Agent Tresser to meet the parent, and things turn out horrible when she visits a movie set for a movie about her life.

Wonder Woman vol 3 26“Rise of the Olympian”
Issues #26-33
Art by Aaron Lopresti

A devastating foe has been created to take down Wonder Woman, while a god seeks to replace her.

Wonder Woman vol 3 34“Birds of Paradise”

Issues #34-35
Art by Aaron Lopresti

Wonder Woman teams up with Black Canary to track down Psycho and Director Steel.

Warkiller” coming April 9, 2021

“A Murder of Crows” coming April 23, 2021

Wrath of the Silver Serpent” coming May 7, 2021

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