He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1

It’s been 6 months since I’ve been able to write a post for the site (I have been recording with J.R. for Podicus Wrecks, though).

My return to Comicdom Wrecks is a recap/review of He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1, the first issue of a 6-issue mini-series. Like most of my posts, I won’t give you a word-for-word re-reading of the issues, but there will be plenty of spoilers:

Issue #1

Written by: Tim Seeley
Penciler: Dan Fraga
Inker: Richard Friend
Colourist: Matt Yackey
Letterer: Saida Temofonte
Editor: Michael McCalister

We begin in Eternia.

Skeletor, wonderfully drawn, is standing outside Castle Greyskull. He’s shouting threats to He-Man, the Sorceress, and anyone else in the castle: “Open the drawbridge or I’ll destroy the city of Eternos… if you DO open it, I’ll use the castle to do far, far worse!

Skeletor’s not playing around this time, it seems.

Inside the castle, Prince Adam of Eternia is shocked by Skeletor’s drive. The Sorceress is worried; she doesn’t want the Sword of Power (that Prince Adam is carrying) to end up in Skeletor’s hands. Ultimately, Adam decides opn a course of action.

It’s ‘GO’ time!

Skeletor is deciding on who he’ll kill first, when he suddenly turns around and sees… someone?
He-Man is charging out of the castle when he stops… and sees what Skeletor saw:

Another He-Man.

After a moment of shock, He-Man charges this ‘new’ He-Man (I’m going to call him “Negative He-Man”, for now) and goes to battle.
Inside Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress is not only having her power drained, she is rapidly aging. It is the doing of this Negative He-Man: he’s somehow drained the sorceress, killed Skeletor, AND defeated Prince Adam/He-Man. By the power of Hellskull, he now has the power!


We next go to… Eternia? Another Eternia?

It must be another Eternia, because 3 figures are graffiti-tagging a wall: Beast Man, Evil-Lyn, and Prince Keldor. Keldor is using magic to use the spray cans but he is not a very good magic-wielder, to Lyn’s mix of consternation and amusement. Suddenly, a large bird named Screech arrives, summoning Keldor to the Palace. The 3, plus Lyn’s very large cat, head off to the palace.

On the way to the palace, a woman, with the same colorations as Negative He-Man, is being restrained by soldiers, including Trap-Jaw. King Randor is also there. The woman is accused of eating 3 villagers in Widget Village; she not only doesn’t deny it, she “hadn’t had her fill yet”.

It is Teela. Or, a version of Teela.

King Randor and Prince Keldor start sniping at each other, wondering why each group was out of their territories. Before things get too serious, Keldorn reminds Randor that “something unusual is occuring at that cursed keep” and “now is the time to strike and Eternia from that Dark Menace!” Randor listens… but doen’t commit to the cause. Before she is led away, Teela has a warning for Keldor:

At this point in the issue:

We don’t know which ‘Eternia’ is the ‘real one’, but the one we’re at now has Keldorn as a heroic figure. This version of Teela and ‘Negative’ He-Man are absolutely the villains.

Back at the palace:

Keldor is in bed with, I’m assuming, Lyn. He is worried about Teela’s warning; she is unconcerned. As he looks in a mirror, Keldor suddenly sees another He-Man…. except this one is about 3 feet tall and drawn like Link from The Wind Waker. There is some oddness with Easter Bunny suits and eggs – I wish I could explain it better than that – before another He-Man steps into the room. This one is more ‘classically’ drawn, has the Cosmic Key, and does an info dump for Keldor (and the readers), complete with background music. In essence:

  • There are more than one universe, meaning there are multiple Eternias
  • This new He-Man – “Anti-He-Man” – learned this, after using his sword to enter Castle Hellskull (not Greyskull); inside, he found the Nexus Of All Realities and used the Orb of Horrors to start traveling to all of the Eternias in the multiverse
  • In each Eternia, Anti-He-Man started attacking (and killing) the various He-Men and other characters, taking the Power Swords from the He-Men, draining the various Castle of their powers (and, assuming, the Sorceresses’ powers, too), and adding them all to his power
  • Anti-He-Man is now in the Inter-Realms, headed for the ‘Power Prime’, the source of power for all of the Castles in the Multiverse

The He-Man-in-Keldor’s-Bedroom also echoes Teela’s warning: this is the only universe where He-Man is not a hero but Keldor is one. After some persuasion, and a vision from the Positive Universe’s Gwildor, Keldor decides to join Cartoon He-Man and New-He-Man on a quest to stop Anti-He-Man. They leave through a portal….

….and end up in another Eternia’s Castle Grayskull. Or so they believed.

As the group arrived, they were attacked by a group of guards and mutants. One of the guards explains that they aren’t in a castle….

… they are on a star ship.

Starship Eternia.

I’m very intrigued by this story, after issue #1. It’s a nice twist that one of the most beloved heroes in comics and cartoons is now a supervillain, while his arch-nemesis is the hero. My only complaint – a small one – is that it was hard trying to figure out which Eternia we were one, at certain scenes. That might get cleared up in issue #2. Other than that, I liked what I read!

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