Author: anthonyb729

I am a Senior at Western Kentucky University, taking online classes towards a Computer Information Technology Bachelor's Degree. I am a big Drum and Bugle Corps fan. If money stays stable, and parts of the lower body cooperate (especially looking at YOU, right foot!), I would like to try out again for a group. My archnemesis is Money. A close second are Cold and Tendonitis. "The Nexus" is a place where I scribble-type random thoughts, opinions, and reviews on this and that, usually very late at night (like now; it is currently 2:15 AM). I like to keep my posts somewhat light-hearted but will touch on politics, crime, race, and other heavy topics. Hope you enjoy the blog!

Review: “Hawkeye #2″… and Hello!

I am normally seen… well, heard…. on “Podicus Wrecks”, but I am venturing over to the written side of the “Comicdom Wrecks” site for the first time. As an introduction, here is an edited post that I made on my personal site, back in July, about the Kate Bishop-featured ‘Hawkeye #2’: