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I am a Senior at Western Kentucky University, taking online classes towards a Computer Information Technology Bachelor's Degree. I am a big Drum and Bugle Corps fan. If money stays stable, and parts of the lower body cooperate (especially looking at YOU, right foot!), I would like to try out again for a group. My archnemesis is Money. A close second are Cold and Tendonitis. "The Nexus" is a place where I scribble-type random thoughts, opinions, and reviews on this and that, usually very late at night (like now; it is currently 2:15 AM). I like to keep my posts somewhat light-hearted but will touch on politics, crime, race, and other heavy topics. Hope you enjoy the blog!

Batman Ninja Trailer


The Dark Knight becomes the Dark Samurai? Watch the trailer above, and I’ll try to expound on it, after the break.



Review: “Justice League”

Some minor and mild spoilers below.

I watched this movie as a fan. I’m by no means a comic book historian or expert; I’m only read maybe 20 issues of anything. I know most of the back stories of the major protagonists and a little bit of Steppenwolf’s history. So, you won’t see any grumbling about how this character wasn’t like the books or how Steppenwolf was apparently different from his comic incarnation. I watched the movie as a fan.

What I watched was a very entertaining, pretty good movie.

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