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For those of you who haven’t heard yet, my little brother Sean died tragically last Wednesday. He was just 24 years old. The circumstances aren’t exactly clear, but I don’t want to focus on the way he died. I want to remember the way he lived.

Sean was brilliant, curious, adventurous, and hilarious. Even though I was the older brother by seven years, I could always learn new things from him. Being nearly a decade apart, we didn’t have a lot of common ground when we were kids; but we always had the bond of family. We grew up in Portland, in a shabby house with not a lot of money. Things got better, but we always remembered the tough times & the good times alike, and how all of it made us who we were. It was relying on each other that kept us going. Now that we were both on the common ground of adulthood, we were relating on a new level with new experiences. I was looking forward to many more years of it. We should have been old men, complaining about robot maids & these damn kids with their rocket boots.

Sean had moved to Texas nearly two years ago with his fiance so they could be closer to her family. Though we were several states apart, we were still close. On the few occasions a year which we’d see each other, it was as if we hadn’t been apart for a day. I could always count on Sean, wether it was to lend a helping hand, give some advice, or just to make me laugh.

I want to thank everyone who’s reached out to me & my family over the last week. The donations, assistance, and kind words have meant more than I can say. For the short time that Sean was here, he left a lasting impact on a lot of people. I’ve felt kind of empty these last few days, and I don’t know if that’s a feeling that’ll ever go away. Sean was always there to encourage me. He had more faith in me than I ever had in myself. I know my brother wouldn’t want me to sit around feeling sad for too long. There’s life to be lived, and I owe it to him to make it the best life possible.

I love you, brother. And I will miss you everyday for the rest of my life.

The Walking Dead – “30 Days Without an Accident”

The fourth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead kicked off last night, drawing in over 16 million viewers and dominating the ratings for everything not football related. The episode drew more than six million viewers than the season three premiere, and nearly four million more than the season three finale, continuing the trend of The Walking Dead being the highest rated show on cable. Scott Gimple takes the series’ helm starting with this season. He’s the third show runner for the series; replacing Glen Mazzara, who’d just taken over for Frank Darabont after season two. Gimple was responsible for writing some of the best episodes of season three, which managed to find a nice balance of emotional, character driven stories and gory zombie goodness. If this episode is any indication of how season four will play out we’re in for some good times. Now, with a healthy dose of spoilers both television and comic book related, let’s get into the story…


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Maximum Linkage: Comic Related Stuff From Around the Interwebs

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Meeting a Legend

It’s just about time for one of my semi-annual posts here on Comicdom Wrecks!, but even if it weren’t, I’ve got something pretty awesome to report.

I got to meet Stan Lee.

The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Thor, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, the Avengers. It almost seems ridiculous to think that all of those ideas could come out of one man’s head, but Stan Lee created all those characters and many more. And he didn’t just come up with a name & a gimmick for them either. Lee’s creations were fully realized characters who had to deal with real life problems & personalities at a time when most other comic book characters were paragons of virtue, existing in a world where the good guys always won and everything was swell.

It’s a fact that the comic book industry wouldn’t be what it is today without Stan “The Man” Lee. It’s debatable whether or not there would even be a comic books as we know them without his contributions. My visit with him was very brief,  but I did get a change to thank him for the countless hours he’s provided me and the rest of the world. He thanked me for that and said he liked my shirt. Well worth the $65 and four hours standing in line.

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Top 5


Scootin’ Spidey is NOT one of the Top 5.

This month’s Top 5 will look at my top five Spider-Man costume redesigns. This is costumes other than the original recipe red & blue that first appeared back in 1962 and is still in use today. Not all of these costumes have been worn by the Peter Parker we’re all familiar with but they’ve been worn by someone somewhere/somewhen who called themselves Spider-Man.




Splitting Hairs

Something’s alway bugged me about the casting of the female leads in the Spider-Man movies: their hair color. I know that there’s a lot more that goes into casting a role besides wether or not an actor naturally looks like the character they’re supposed to be playing and that makeup & various other forms of movie magic can fix any number of physical discrepancies. But the three choices for Spidey’s leading ladies and their respective hair colors always struck me as an odd coincidence.