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Green Lantern Corps was…something all right

I’ve been taking some time to pour through the history of some of the characters I’ve always taken interest in, but for whatever reason (a love of the X, mainly) have failed to get around to actually reading.  I’m trying to learn more about the history of the DCU, mainly, and lately I’ve been focusing on Green Lantern.  Not Green Lantern, galactic police force like you know it now, but the rather sitcom-like family style of Green Lantern Corps back in the still just post-Crisis days.

I’ve found a new respect for John Stewart, an irreplaceable love for the GL squirrel Ch’p, and…well, I don’t really know what to say about Killowog.  You see, GL Corps was about breaking down barriers, be them race, age, sex, or whatnot.  But sometimes it gets a little TOO much.  Like aging a 14-year old girl to adulthood via power ring so she can date Hal Jordan.  Or this:



From Green Lantern Corps #206, written by Steve Englehart and drawn by Joe Stanton

Not quite sure that’s a barrier you want to be breaking.  Post-Crisis DC was a weird place.


Kevin Smith announces another film he may or may not make!

Hey, remember back when Kevin Smith movies were THE thing to be into to seem like you had your smart-ass sh*t together?

No?  Maybe you aren’t from my post-GenX, pre-millennial era of coming up.  Right around the time I hit college, the fab-four of Kevin Smith movies – Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma – were the go-to movies for showing that you knew what fun and intelligent was.  Sure, looking back, they’re rough, stupid, unwatchable and brilliant (IN THAT ORDER), but back then?  Amazing.  And then Kevin Smith wrapped the whole thing up with Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back, and the whole thing faded into the sunset.

Until he dipped into the well again for Clerks II, which itself is…certainly something else.

It’s been a long time since the Kevin Smith heyday.  Since then, he’s become somewhat of a…mixed bag…when it comes to his writing/directing projects.  There’s certainly a specific audience for Kevin Smith stuff, and perhaps I’ve become a bit jaded for it since I decided to move past my “screw the man, never grow up, poop is funny” phase.  You know…like a decade ago.

Anyway, there is always a bit of excitement, if for the sheer nostalgia, when Kevin Smith pops back up and says he’s about ready to dip again into the View Askew well.  There’s nothing like a “hey, what are they up to now” rehash of an old franchise, so when he came up a while back and said one of his oddly reviewed movies had funded Clerks III, it was excitement time.

But then time passed and nothing ever really came of it.  So then he popped up and said that he was definitely making Mallrats II with all of the cast involved and that they were ready to go!  And then nothing happened.

So, now, when he once again pipes up and says “Ok, now I’m making a Jay & Silent Bob II and this time I’m really serious!”, you have to take it with a grain of salt.  Sure you are, old fat man.  That’s adorable.  You go make your movie and tell us when you want to, you know, make it.

So what happened to the other two?  Well, Clerks III didn’t happen because “one of the four leads opted out”.  Assuming that the four leads were himself, Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran and Jason Anderson, it was probably one of the latter two that said ‘enough is enough’ and you can’t have Clerks without both Dante and Randall.  And as for Mallrats?  Well, turns out Smith thought it would be better as a TV series, but unfortunately no one who actually makes or airs these things agreed with him.

So now it’s “I’ll make my own movie!  With Blackjack!  And hookers!”  And you know what?  If he does it, then kudos for him.  I’ll even slap down my money for a ticket.  But don’t try to sell me with your hype.  Like your movies and your comic plots, you’ve just gone to that well one too many times.  All you’ll get it a snarky post in a comic blog.

Blue Beetle Rebirth

I don’t really get how DC is doing things nowadays.  I’m not sure what big event went where and whatnot to get us to where we are now, but I do know that some kind of reset button has been hit and now we have a Blue Beetle book with both Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes in it.  And that’s my bag, baby.


I am a Blue Beetle fan.  THE Blue Beetle fan, you might say.  He is my #1 go-to awesome superhero.  I truly love him.  Unfortunately, my Blue Beetle was shot in the head a decade ago and replaced by a completely different character that I could not connect with.  There was teenage angst and crazy super powers that could do pretty much everything and none of the stuff that I had loved for so long.  And so Jaime Reyes became my most hated character, simply because he wasn’t Ted Kord.  Sorry, kid.

But now after all the teasing, DC finally brings back a Blue Beetle book that puts both the Ted Kord and the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle into play.  I get my Ted Kord back, flying the Bug and doing the no-powers tech hero gimmick while Jaime Reyes still gets to fly around being the magic whatever.  BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

Thank you, DC.  I will take this compromise.

New year, new stuff

Happy 2016 everybody!

It has been a while since Comicdom Wrecks! has seen any kind of steady content output as life, work, family and other obligations have limited the amount of time we have had to talk jive about comic books.

That and we’re admittedly kind of lazy.

But J.R. and I have been feeling the itch of blog-posting and we’ve agreed that it’s time to dust off the old writer’s caps and get back to what we love to do, and hopefully you are still willing to hang around and enjoy.

But there’s more than just the same old thing coming for Comicdom Wrecks!.  While true, we are first and foremost comic junkies, the truth is that focusing solely on just comics is limiting the scope of what we want to talk about.  Comics are great, yes, but there’s so much more to nerd out about in the world of pop culture.  TV, video games, movies, books – if it’s out there and on our minds, we’ll share.

So bear with us as we get moving again.  Me, I haven’t had a regular thing going since I ran out of Chuck Austen stuff to make fun of.  But I’ve got something in the works for you, and it has to do with this old image.


Stay tuned.