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Podicus Wrecks #67 – Fables Storytime and Current Opinions

J. R. is flying solo for most of this episode, so you get some of his opinions on the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, Brian Michael Bendis leaving Marvel to go to DC, and Doomsday Clock #1. Jacob drops by for a Better Know an X-Man, featuring Thunderbird 3. Then J. R. wraps up by summarizing the first Fables story, “Legends in Exile.”



Thoughts on Doomsday Clock #1

Doomsday clock 1 coverReady or not, DC has started a Watchmen sequel.  Since “the button” was found in the Batcave at the end of DC Universe Rebirth, we knew that at least Dr. Manahattan was going to play a larger role within the DC Universe.  So here we are.  The first issue of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Doomsday Clock is here, and it is a pretty fantastic start.

The job of a first issue in a series to set up the world the story exists in, and introduce the characters.  It is a pretty simple thing, but can easily go off the rails if the writer tries to do too much with this setup.  Here, Johns keeps things interestingly simple.   Spoilers ahead.  (more…)

Podicus Wrecks #64 – JLA Tower of Babel

With Justice League coming out this weekend, we thought we would discuss a Justice League story.  We picked Mark Waid’s Tower of Babel.  This story appeared in JLA 43-46, with the trade including some other issues, including a weird story about sentient bacteria.  So, enjoy this story that may have cemented the calculating, distrusting Batman.