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Podicus Wrecks #75 – Logan Discussion

This week, we are discussing the Academy Award nominated Logan.  This is a spoiler-filled episode, as we run down the plot points of the movie and our opinions on them.  However, before doing that, we run through our impressions on the Venom, Deadpool 2, and Ant-Man and the Wasp trailers.


Saturday Morning Cartoons #2

Jacob here!  Being Comicdom Wrecks!’s resident X-Pert (har har), one would assume that when my week comes up for a look at an episode of a cartoon, I’d head right for the astonishing X-Men: The Animated Series from the mid-90’s, right?


Don’t worry, we’ll get there.  But first we must first dabble with the first attempt at getting Marvel’s merry mutants their own animated series, and that means heading back to 1989 for the pilot of the series that could have been, had Marvel’s animated studios not fallen onto really hard times and axed everything but Muppet Babies.  Does anyone remember that Spider-Man always dropped down at the end of every episode of Muppet Babies?

Anyway, that means we’ll be looking at the cult-classic (or infamous, if you prefer) “Pryde of the X-Men”.  Or, as it is known to most people, “the one where Wolverine has an Australian accent”.  It’s the final product from the studio that brought you Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, if you want a comparison in quality.  It also features the common heap of 80’s animated voice actors, if you want to know why Cyclops sounds like Prowl from Transformers.  And Frank Welker does both Toad and Lockheed, so that’s a plus.

Here’s the episode on YouTube, if you haven’t had the experience.  It runs about 20 minutes.  You have no reason to be complaining about spoilers.  The cartoon is almost 30 years old and I gave you the link.


Podicus Wrecks #74 – It’s the dawning of the Age of Apocalypse

This week, Jacob stops by to educate Anthony and I on the classic X-Men story Age of Apocalypse.  It has everything you want from a giant, alternate timeline crossover.  There are plenty of deaths.  Many X-Men are the opposite of how they normally, you know, because of it being an alternate timeline.  Often nonsensical story telling.  Plot points that you may not want to think about too long.  Epic moments.  You get the idea.  We then spend the last 13 minutes or so talking about this year’s Royal Rumble matches.


Wolverine Wednesdays – 1/31/2018: I Was Hoping You’d Choose Senseless Slaughter

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know that my all time favorite comic book character is Spider-Man. But after that, my second favorite is Wolverine. Now, some of you are probably saying “Wolverine? Everybody likes Wolverine. Why don’t you pick something more original?” to which I would reply “Shut your stupid face.” I don’t buy many physical comics these days; but Wolverine, amidst all of its various launches & relaunches is one of the two series that I’ll look for on the rare occasions I get the urge to search through the back issue bins, the other being The Amazing Spider-Man.

As I explained with the launch of my weekly Spider-Man column, I’m more than three years behind current Marvel continuity. However, just like Spidey, I’ve decided to just jump back into Wolverine books and ride it out from there. This will come out every Wednesday and cover the Wolverine related books that came out the previous week.

When I last left Wolverine, he was still alive. Well, he’s alive again, but we’ll get to that eventually. Let’s get started!


This Week In Spider-Man – 1/31/2018: Clown Town Curly Fries

In this week’s three Spider books, we’ll be visiting three different realities. There’s the original recipe reality, Earth-616, which is the one you’re probably familiar with. Then there’s Earth-18199, which is where Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows takes place, and lastly Earth-65, where Miles Morales’ totally real girlfriend Gwen Stacy lives. Seeing as the last two of these realities were created well after I became lax in my Spider-reading, I know even less about them than the current Earth-616 continuity. So, let’s dive in and try to figure it out together!


This Week In Spider-Man – 1/24/2018: That’s Your Horoscope For Today

It’s a light week this time around, with only one Spider-flavored book coming out. Well, X-Men: Blue Annual #1 features a Venom story, but Jacob will be handling that in this week’s Examinations. It’s a five-parter that’ll go through a couple issues of Venom, so I’ll get to it eventually. As a special teaser, here’s a totally out of context panel from that book:

out of context
This week’s Spider story features an adventure one year in the making, so let’s get down to it!


eXaminations: Week of 1/17/18

I thought Phoenix Resurrection was supposed to be weekly, but it didn’t make it this week.  The funny thing is that while the BIG EVENT is missing a week, more important things happened in two of the issues that did come out than have transpired in its entire first half.  We’re looking at:

  • Champions #16 in which I really stretch the definition of an X-Book because I really like the title.
  • Generation X #86 in which something good finally happens just before the book gets the axe.
  •  Weapon X #13 in which a bunch of thugs decide to overthrow a country.
  • X-Men Gold #20 in which the team spends an entire issue to get to the final page.

As always, you are playing with SPOILERS ahead.  And as we all know, if you play with spoilers, you might get the horns.