Podicus Wrecks #65 – Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Podicus Wrecks. To celebrate this time, we would like to share what we are thankful for, as well as some Thanksgiving memories.



Dark Nights: Batman The Merciless

Batman the Merciless coverThe origin stories of the Batmen from the Dark Multiverse continues with Batman The Drowned.  Previously, we have had The Red Death, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker, and The Drowned.  With The Merciless, Batman has gained the power of Ares, the God of War.

Generally, I love Peter Tomasi’s writing.  And let me just off the bat (ha), that this is a well written issue.  I have no problems with the story.  It all makes sense.  My problem stems from something that they decided to leave out of the issue.  In past reviews, I frequently preach that storytellers should show, and not tell.  It is something I was taught, and was an idea that stuck with me.  Sometimes, alluding to, or hinting at, works.  Here, Batman’s internal narration is used to surprise the reader, and it does not work nearly as well as if we had actually seen the scene describe.  (more…)

Iceman is blechhh

I know that Iceman is supposed to be the spotlight gay character for the X-Men universe and we’re supposed to be yay hooray for that, right?

I’m sorry, but Gay Iceman is a horrible character.  Absolutely abysmal.  Awful, terrible, gross and bad.  I shout BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

But it’s not the fault of the character…or characters, as it were.  The revelation that Iceman was a homosexual was supposed to be a big moment for Marvel.  They promoted it as a big moment.  The mess of the teenage original X-Men brought from the past to show the present ones the errors of their ways was an interesting idea, but it flew off the rails by having crazy things happen to each of the kids.  Cyclops left the team and hung out with his dad in space.  Angel got power cosmic fire wings.  Beast abandoned science and started dabbling in magic.  Jean Grey’s got the Phoenix coming after her.  And Iceman, oh, lovable Iceman, comes out as gay to his fellow mutants.

It was an unexpected retcon-ish moment in which they took Bobby Drake’s disinterest in girls in the first issue of X-Men way back in 1963, a throwaway line (spoken from his foot) that was to establish him as younger and more immature than his fellow classmates:


and decided that it meant that he was instead interested in the other players on the field.

And you know what?  There’s nothing wrong with that.  The character that was there had that way about him, nature or nurture need not apply here, and that was great.  And it would have worked fine had they stayed with the focus on the teenage Iceman hanging out with the original X-Men.  But, funny enough, that character has gotten remarkably little spotlight time in forefront as this marquee homosexual character, because instead of doing something with him, they instead used it to start making changes to the established Iceman.


Dark Nights: Metal #3

DC Metal 3 coverScott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s epic power ballad continues with Metal #3.  If you are not caught up with the series, you can check out my reviews of Metal #1 and Metal #2.  We last left off with Batman inadvertently opening the portal to the Dark Multiverse, allowing the Dark Batmen to enter, and cause all kinds of chaos (check out Gotham Resistance or the Dark Batmen origins).

This story starts in a dream. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent are rocking out as their parents, along with Diana wait for the rest of the Justice League to arrive to celebrate their victory in the war.  But that celebration is short lived as they notice Bruce beginning to bleed in the shape of a bat.  As he says “Carpe Diem,” Barbatos springs from Bruce, leaving Superman to fight him, again.  Superman has been fighting Barbatos continuously for what has seemed like a lifetime, until Wonder Woman pulls him from a tower of people.  (more…)

Dark Nights: Nightwing #29

Nightwing 29 cover

Cover by Stjepan Sejic

We have come to part 2 of the “Gotham Resistance” story tie-in to Metal.  If you haven’t read part 1, check out my recap of Teen Titans #12.  Again, I think I made a mistake in reading order.  I read this after reading Batman: The Red Death, and this just seems slower in comparison.  But it’s not.  Not really.  It’s a fine comic, telling the second part of a fine story.   (more…)

Baby Driver review

Baby_Driver_posterBaby Driver is the latest movie by Edgar Wright.  You may, or really should, know him from Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  The fact that this was an Edgar Wright film is what convinced me to see it.  Yes, the previews looked somewhat interesting and fun, but not so much so that I felt compelled to see this movie.  But with Wright’s name attached to it, knowing what he was capable of, I decided to give it a chance.

And frankly, the movie is fantastic.  The car chases are fun and exciting.  The individual characters all stand out.  The writing is clever and engaging.  All of this is done well enough that the cliche, and somewhat predictable story is not really noticed.  Spoilers ahead.  (more…)