Podicus Wrecks #75 – Logan Discussion

This week, we are discussing the Academy Award nominated Logan.  This is a spoiler-filled episode, as we run down the plot points of the movie and our opinions on them.  However, before doing that, we run through our impressions on the Venom, Deadpool 2, and Ant-Man and the Wasp trailers.


Black Lightning – “Black Jesus”

The last time lightning struck, a preacher and Khalil were shot by one of Tobias’ cronies, during a march for peace.  We also met a new player on the bad guys’ side in Lady Eve, who is someone that Tobias Whale answers to.  This week, how is everyone going to handle Khalil getting shot?  How is Tobias going to handle the confirmation that Black Lightning is still alive?  Just how much power does this Lady Eve actually have.

Black Lightning logo


There’s a new drug on the street called Greenlight.  One of Jefferson’s students is found freaking out from it.  Jefferson  has to blast him twice, but luckily the kid was so drugged up that he has no memory of anything happening.  There’s a couple things that come from this.  One, Jefferson definitely wants to track down who is making and selling this drug, as it’s impacting his students.  But also, the school board is fighting Jefferson over disciplinary actions regarding his students.

Let’s stick with the school board stuff.  Essentially, Jefferson wants to give the student, Bernard, a second chance, as he doesn’t believe expelling the student is going to help the student.  The Board wants the student gone, seemingly as some type of zero tolerance policy.  They didn’t specify “zero tolerance,” but that was the first thought I had when watching this.  Eventually, the Board puts Jefferson in a no-win situation in which he accepts that he can save Bernard, but the Board will have control of future decisions.  I say it’s no-win, because if he allows them to get rid of Bernard, he has essentially lost control.  The fight is just going to happen again the next time there is someone the Board wants gone.  I also found the commentary interesting.  The belief that just because someone makes a mistake in judgment, that doesn’t mean you should just toss them out.  If you toss them out, then how do you expect them to improve?  It’s a thought that is in opposition to how many schools operate.

Now, onto the Black Lightning portion of the “don’t do drugs” episode.  He, of course, is pounding information out of people.  He then heads to a warehouse where his informant and Gambi say they are distributing the drug.  Obviously, it’s a larger, better organized operation than what the 100 Gang could do on there own.  As he’s about to take a closer look, there is an explosion nearby.  Black Lightning leaves, but there’s no one around where the explosion occurred.  Gambi sees that someone with powers caused it, but doesn’t tell Jefferson and deletes the video.  Gambi checks out the scene by himself, while Black Lightning is called away to save Bernard at a drug den.

The viewer knows that the explosion sound came from a fight that Anissa was in.  Some men tried to harm Grace, and Anissa, who is getting a handle on making her powers work at will just took them out.  Not sure what Gambi deleting the video means.  Does he think this may be one of the daughters?  If so, then why did he take a shot gun?  Does he think that this may a new villain, and wants Black Lightning to stay focused on Tobias?  It’s kind of strange.

There seems to be some drama building between Jennifer and her family, and Jennifer and Khalil.  Much to the dismay of her parents, she quit the track team to spend more time with Khalil and his recovery.  However, she seemed kind of disappointed that Khalil didn’t make a bigger deal that she quit the track team.  Was she hoping that he would thank her and confess his undying love for her?  Or maybe try to talk her out of it?  Not sure, but this is probably something that will build later on.  Right now, there’s a bigger development with Khalil, other than his spine being completely severed by the bullet.

Lady Eve tells Tobias that some mysterious “they” only gave him control of the 100 Gang because his resume included killing Black Lightning.  But now, Black Lightning isn’t really dead, so they are feeling lied to.  So, he had better figure something out.  Then his sister shows up, and talks him into a plan to turn the people against Black Lightning.  The first part of their plan is to turn Khalil against Black Lightning.  Tobias has paid for Khalil’s medical bills, along with other amnesties to make his stay more comfortable, and then meets with Khalil that this is all Black Lightning’s fault.  Yes, it’s a little cliche, but it makes sense within the story.  Turning the community against Black Lightning makes his job a little more difficult, but the stress is probably going to weigh on Jefferson more than it’s going to impede Black Lightning.

Black Lightning Tobias and Khalil

Here are my thoughts while watching this episode.

  • Well, that’s an interesting start.  Some boy was freaking out in the bathroom.  Looks like this is going to be a drug focused episode.
  • And Anissa found some drug dealers trying to sell to her students.  Yep, drug focused episode.
  • New drug Greenlight……Red light.
  • Snitches get….lightning bolts.  Boom.
  • The guy’s name is Two bits?  Does he have partners Four Bits, Six Bits, and A Dollar?
  • Lady Eve is doing something with a dead body, and it’s pretty creepy.
  • Welp, there goes that lead.  The student gave up who he got the drugs from, but that dude be dead.
  • Khalil is starting his road to recovery.  Seems they’re taking him down the optimistic route.
  • Tobias has anger issues.  Just killed, probably, the corornor that said Black Lightning was dead.
  • Ouch, the parents think Jennifer should be spending less time with Khalil.  That’s harsh.
  • Oh boy, token dinner conversation about Black Lightning while hardly anyone knows that Black Lightning is right there.
  • Get the feeling Jefferson is about to reveal his powers to Anissa.
  • And she may have just seriously injured those drug dealers from earlier.
  • Jefferson is warning Two Bits that the cops might be bearing down on him.  That’s a little weird.  Wonder if this is just confirming for a later encounter with Black Lightning.
  • “Black kids ODing has never been news-worthy.”  That cuts deep.
  • Yep, Black Lightning confronts Two Bits.
  • Jennifer seems disappointed that she didn’t get a bigger response out of Khalil about quitting the track team.
  • The Board is attempting to take final say on discipline away from Jefferson.
  • So, Tobias has a sister?
  • Electric vision?  See every powered object?  Clever.
  • More Anissa kicking ass.
  • Black Lightning hears an explosion that draws him away from the warehouse with Greenlight.  Gambi saw footage of someone, but doesn’t tell Black Lightning this.  Instead, he takes a shotgun and investigates himself.
  • Tobias’ sister is going to orchestrate the old “let’s turn the people against Black Lightning ploy.”
  • So, an anonymous donor is buying Khalil stuff and covering his bills.  And now Khalil gets the news that his spinal cord is completely severed and he’s not working again.  Wondering if this is part of Tobias’ plan.
  • Jefferson agrees to give up final say to save one student.  Seems like a plan that is going to backfire.
  • Argh.  Bernard went to look for more drugs.  Black Lightning bails him out.
  • Does Jefferson have an inspirational teamwork poster of himself in his office?  That seems conceited.
  • Yep, Tobias meeting with Khalil.

THIS WEEK IN SPIDER-MAN – The Amazing Spider-Man #795: A Sorcerer Supreme Is Just a Regular Sorcerer With Tomatoes & Sour Cream

This week I’m changing up the format a bit. Instead of cramming every Spider-related issue into one entry per week, I’ll be giving each issue its own post. That’ll allow me more room to expound on what happens in each issue and include more of the background information that I’m just figuring out myself. Also, it’ll allow for more content released steadily throughout the week instead of pinching shut the Spider-content hose and only opening it once a week. This month’s issue of Amazing kinda pays off a story that was set up waaaay back in Amazing Spider-Man #503, so let’s get to it.


The Flash – “True Colors”

Previously on The Flash, after finding the person really responsible for the crimes Big Sir was convicted of, and the system failing him, Barry decided to take matters into his own hands.  While he thought the camera wasn’t watching, Barry sped Big Sir off to China.  Unfortunately, there was another camera watching, and Warden Wolfe told Barry that he knew his secret.  So, what exactly is the warden planning to do with Barry?  Is Team Flash able to find some loophole to get Barry out of prison?  What wacky thing is Ralph Dibny going to do this week?

Flash logo


Saturday Morning Cartoons #2

Jacob here!  Being Comicdom Wrecks!’s resident X-Pert (har har), one would assume that when my week comes up for a look at an episode of a cartoon, I’d head right for the astonishing X-Men: The Animated Series from the mid-90’s, right?


Don’t worry, we’ll get there.  But first we must first dabble with the first attempt at getting Marvel’s merry mutants their own animated series, and that means heading back to 1989 for the pilot of the series that could have been, had Marvel’s animated studios not fallen onto really hard times and axed everything but Muppet Babies.  Does anyone remember that Spider-Man always dropped down at the end of every episode of Muppet Babies?

Anyway, that means we’ll be looking at the cult-classic (or infamous, if you prefer) “Pryde of the X-Men”.  Or, as it is known to most people, “the one where Wolverine has an Australian accent”.  It’s the final product from the studio that brought you Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, if you want a comparison in quality.  It also features the common heap of 80’s animated voice actors, if you want to know why Cyclops sounds like Prowl from Transformers.  And Frank Welker does both Toad and Lockheed, so that’s a plus.

Here’s the episode on YouTube, if you haven’t had the experience.  It runs about 20 minutes.  You have no reason to be complaining about spoilers.  The cartoon is almost 30 years old and I gave you the link.


Podicus Wrecks #74 – It’s the dawning of the Age of Apocalypse

This week, Jacob stops by to educate Anthony and I on the classic X-Men story Age of Apocalypse.  It has everything you want from a giant, alternate timeline crossover.  There are plenty of deaths.  Many X-Men are the opposite of how they normally, you know, because of it being an alternate timeline.  Often nonsensical story telling.  Plot points that you may not want to think about too long.  Epic moments.  You get the idea.  We then spend the last 13 minutes or so talking about this year’s Royal Rumble matches.


Supergirl – “Both Sides Now”

Previously on Supergirl, Morgan Edge and Lena were trying to kill each other.  Then Mama Luthor stepped, complete with power armor, but Supergirl and Mon-El took her out.  Although, none of that really matters this week.  Just remember from last week that Samantha has told everyone about the missing time she’s experiencing, and no one can figure out why.  From two weeks ago, remember that Supergirl found out that there were 2 more world killers out there, and they did discover the identity of one of them from Kara’s dreams.

Supergirl logo