Podicus Wrecks #42.5 – Claremont and Byrne X-Men run part 2

It’s time for part 2 of our discussion on Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s Uncanny X-Men run. Find out what awaits our band of fearless heroes after their ordeal on Murderwold. Will they find happiness on Muir Island, or just a crazy mutant? Find out what in world is happening with Jean Grey. All that and possibly the Wendigo is ahead.

Wonder Woman review

Wonder Woman PosterI am going to waste no time and just come right out say that Wonder Woman is a fantastic movie.  Patty Jenkins, the director, has done a phenomenal job.  If you have not seen it, then you should quit reading this review, and go see it right now.  I appreciate the view, but get lost.  Anyways, since this is a review, I might as well continue.  Of course there are people that probably did not listen to me.  Since seeing this movie, I have been thinking about what exactly made it so good.  Why has it gotten the critical praise that none of the other recent DC movies have received?

The best I can come up with is that this movie has heart.  It is sincere and earnest.  And I know those are pretty vague terms, so I will try to explain better.  In Wonder Woman, we watch Diana grow into the role of being a hero.  And yes, that is the basic premise of an origin movie, but this one differs in that there is no burden pushing her in that direction.  She did not watch her parents die.  She did not suffer some personal tragedy and have to become a hero to escape it.  She did not do this because it would make her a better person.  She started her hero’s journey because it was the right thing to do.  This is where I think the favorable comparisons to Captain America:  The First Avenger are.  Not that they are both war movies, but that they are heroes that chose to be heroes, and were not pushed into it.  The difference is that Captain America takes World War 2 fairly lightly.  Wonder Woman does not do the same with The Great War. Spoilers below.  (more…)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales review

Pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales posterMany years ago, there was a trilogy of movies that focused the lengths people would go to in order to save the ones they loved.  They explored the moral dilemmas of possibly betraying your friends in order to save your loved ones.  They were also about forging your own path in the world.  Where you came from did not matter.  What mattered was your drive to accomplish your goals.  And when things were going to hell around you, hold on dearly to the ones you love, because you do not know what the next moment may bring.  Oh, and there were also pirates in this movie.

As I am certain you could guess, of course I am talking about the first 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  Those first 3 movies had wonderful stories, and memorable moments.  On Stranger Tides had neither.  It is difficult to remember anything that stands out in that movie.  I remember there were mermaids.  I remember being disappointed with how Blackbeard was used.  I remember feeling that the movie was sorely missing the heart that you got with Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner.  It felt as if the character of Jack Sparrow had not had any type of development.  Would Dead Men Tell No Tales be able to capture what the first 3 movies had?  Partly.  Spoilers ahead.  (more…)

Podicus Wrecks #41 – John Byrne’s The Man of Steel

In this episode we take a look at John Byrne’s The Man of Steel mini-series.  This mini-series, was DC Comics’ effort to reboot and simplify Superman after the Multiverse condensing story, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and stood as the cornerstone of Superman stories for almost 20 years.  Also, this week’s “Better Know an X-Man” features Xorn 2.

Podicus Wrecks #40 – On the Path of the Beam part 4 – Wizard and Glass

In this episode, Anthony and J. R. continue their trek though Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series with part 4, Wizard and Glass.  In this story, learn how the ka-tet is able to outsmart Blaine the Mono.  See what trouble a young Roland found himself in.  After that, Jacob stops in to catch us up on what has been going on in the X-Men comics.

eXaminations Catch-Up

Though new comics did just come out for yesterday, May 25, I thought that instead of just picking up midway through storylines, I’d jump back a couple months and play a quick game of catch-up from the start of the new direction of Blue/Gold era X-Men.  That means our starting point will be March 29’s releases in which we will be looking at X-Men Prime #1 which gives this whole era its launch, as well as the wrapping up of All New X-Men #19, in which the time-displaced original X-Men come back together to get in place for their new book X-Men: Blue.

Anyway, since we’re doing an “everything old is new again” redo for the X-Men line, Prime is a good enough nostalgia title for nerds like me to appreciate.  But before we jump into it, let’s talk about just why X-Men so desperately needed this rebranding for its line.  After all, once upon a time, X-Men was Marvel’s flagship property, top of sales, with some stuff that simply could do no wrong.  Unfortunately, those days are long gone.  Numerous redos, new directions, retreads, and shocking twists and turns moved X-Men way past the status quo, far beyond uncharted waters, and pretty much to Hell.  Actually, in the storyline, that can be taken literally.