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Episode #32 – The 1/8th Nelson talks Wrestlemania 33
A long time ago, we had pro wrestling blog named The 1/8th Nelson.  With it being Wrestlemaia week, we thought it would be fun to get the group together and talk about our favorite Wrestlemania moments and our thoughts on the card for Wrestlemania 33.  And for fun, there’s also another “Better Know an X-Man” featuring Ink.

Episode #31 – A Mutant Named Xorn
In this episode, we have a follow-up to how terrible Anthony and J.R.’s brackets have turned out, we discuss writers being duly credited for the stories they write (2:09), this week’s “Better Know an X-Man” features Husk (7:32), Jacob gives us a lesson on the convoluted history of Xorn (12:47), and we wrap out by talking about some video games we have been playing (43:28).

Episode #30 – Month after February state of irrational behavior
In this episode, J. R. shares some thoughts on Kong: Skull Island, another “Better Know an X-Man” with Jacob talking about Skin (5:26), Anthony and J. R. reminiscence about pep band trips (11:49), and talk about their soon to be disastrous brackets (39:03).

Episode #29 – Strange Viewings
In this episode, we briefly discuss our first impressions on the Nintendo Switch, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Logan.  Our very first “Better Know an X-Men” segment features Marrow.  We then go in depth with our review of Doctor Strange.

Episode #28 – In Memoriam
Jacob here!  I’ve commandeered the Podicus Wrecks waves to give a tribute to my Grandma, Betty Jean Dunman.  She was awesome times a million all crammed into a 5 foot frame.  There would not be any interest in Comicdom and the wackiness within for me, if not for her.  So here we go.

Episode #27 – Let’s get animated
In this episode, we get animated. Well, there’s no video, so we’re not technically animated. But we are discussing some things that are animated. We talk briefly about our favorite childhood cartoons, and then have a discussion about a couple DC Comics Animated movies: Justice League Dark and Batman Assault on Arkham.

Episode #26 – Comicdom Wrecks Founders chat In this episode, all three Comicdom Wrecks founders discuss The Lego Batman Movie, and how we feel about the state of Marvel comics.

Episode #25 -Suicide Squad Review
In this episode, we give our review of the Suicide Squad movie.

Episode #24 – Discussing The Dark Knight Returns
In this episode, in our quest to expose Anthony to comics he has never read, we are discussing the classic, The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

Episode #23 – Talking about the Switch
In this week’s episode, we’re finally talking about the Nintendo Switch. We give our thoughts on what we saw in Nintendo’s Presentation.

Episode #22 – Table top joys and frustrations part 2
We have the next installment of out Table Top Games Joys and Frustrations.  In this episode, Scotty, the host of our game nights, joins us to discuss Mysterium, Fire & Axe, Gloom, and Kill Doctor Lucky.

Episode #21 -On the path of the Beam part 2 – The Drawing of the Three
In this episode, we discuss our thoughts on the second book in The Dark Tower series, The Drawing of the Three.

Episode #20 – How we want stories to start
In this episode, we discuss what we look for when we start a story, be a book, television, comic, or movie series. We specifically discuss the recently released Hawkeye #1, having Anthony take a look at it since he has never read a Hawkeye comic before and has no idea who Kate Bishop is.  We also do a little bit of year end wrap up, and something we’re looking forward to in 2017.

The ComicdomWrecks.com Podicus Wrecks College Football Bowl Game Spectacular 2017 presented by The Nexus
We love the college football bowl season, so we decided to go through and pick our winners for each and every game.  Hope you enjoy.

Episode #19 – First Annual Star Wars episode
We figure that with a new Star Wars movie coming out each year, we’ll likely have a Star Wars related discussion around that time. So, in our first annual Star Wars episode, we have general discussion about our history with Star Wars and thoughts on the previous 7 movies.

Episode #18 – I wanna play video games
It’s another video game focused episode. J. R. goes into his first thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Final Fantasy XV. Anthony talks about his experiences with the Baulder’s Gate series and Darkest Dungeon. There are also brief discussions about gameplay vs. story, if they have ever bought a console because of a single game, and a go to game for when they just need a distraction.

Episode #17 – Warcraft movie discussion
In this episode, we discuss our thoughts on the Warcraft movie.  We also talk briefly about the Cars 3 trailer, and why we found it interesting.

Episode #16 – Nintendo nostalgia
In this episode, Anthony and I relive some of our history with Nintendo’s home consoles, taking a nostalgic look at the past.

Episode #15 – On the path of the Beam part 1 – The Gunslinger
In this episode, we begin our journey through Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Today is part 1, which will cover the first book in the series, The Gunslinger. We give quick summaries of the events in the book, and our thoughts on them. Beware of spoilers.

Episode #14 – Captain America: Civil War discussion
In this episode, Anthony and I discuss Captain America: Civil War, mostly explaining the issues I had with what was mostly an entertaining movie.

Episode #13 – The sports episode
Alright, this is the sports episode.  If you’re not interested in any sports, then come back next week when Anthony and I have a small discussion about Captain America:  Civil War.  This week, we’re discussing college and pro football, our predictions for the MLB playoffs, and some thoughts on some of the less popular sports.

Episode #12 – Table top joys and frustrations part 1
In this episode, I briefly discuss my thoughts on Fringe, having finished it just in time. Then Anthony and I go through some of the table top games we have been playing recently.  Those include Pandemic, Firefly, Code Names, Fruit Basket, and Morocco.

Episode #11 – World of Warcraft discussion
We’re back with a new episode.  In this edition of Podicus Wrecks, new show regular Anthony and I discuss are history with and some thoughts on World of Warcraft.  Don’t worry, there aren’t any Legion spoilers in this discussion, because honestly, neither of us have been able to play it yet.

Episode #10 – Over-exposure to your interests
In this episode, I discuss my thoughts on Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, Netflix’s Jessica Jones, and Star Trek Beyond.  I then discuss the perils of getting too immersed in every detail and rumor related to your interests.

Episode #9 – TV shows season thoughts
In this episode, I share my thoughts on the previous seasons of The Walking Dead, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and The Flash.

Episode #8 – Game of Thrones season 6 recap
In this episode, I give a recap on some of the highlights of season 6 of Game of Thrones, and some thoughts on the future.

Episode #7 – E3 & fandom wars
In this episode, I give some thoughts on news from E3, mainly Sony’s conference, and I also talk about why I think arguments between competing fan bases are silly.

Episode #6 – Video game movie quality
In this week’s episode, I briefly discuss news regarding the games Injustice 2 and Telltale’s Batman.  I then give my thoughts on the new Warcraft movie, which leads me into a general discussion about the quality, or perceived quality of movies based on video games.

Episode #5 – Tone in comic book stuff
In this shorter episode, I give my brief first impressions on the game Life is Strange and the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. I then go into a short general discussion about tone in comic books and superhero movies.

Episode #4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
In this week’s episode, we talk about my history with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Also, some quick thoughts on Preacher, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and X-Men Apocalypse.

Episode #3 – History of Psylocke
This week’s episode of Podicus Wrecks is up.  With X-Men:  Apocalypse coming out this week, we thought it would be a good idea to go over the complicated history of Psylocke.  So, Jacob, the author of the popular Chuck Austen’s X-Men articles, is in to do just that.

Episode #2 – Retcons, reboots, and relaunches
Welcome to episode #2 of Podicus Wrecks.  In this episode, I briefly discuss the Deadpool blu-ray, the Assassain’s Creed trailer, and some thoughts on The Order 1886. The featured segment for this week is my thoughts on when comic book companies use retcons, reboots, and relaunches.

Episode #1 – 52 10th anniversary
Hey everybody!  We’re starting a podcast called Podicus Wrecks.  This is going to be a weekly series in which we may talk about anything.  This first episode is going to be about DC’s weekly series 52, in celebration of its 10th anniversary.  You can download the episode in the window below. Hope you enjoy.