Countdown to Fables #100

Here is a list of the stories we have previously covered in our Countdown to Fables #100.  Click on the story title to read the recap.

Legends In Exile
Issues #1-5
Art by Lan Medina
Snow White and Bigby Wolf try to solve a murder mystery.

Animal Farm
Issues #6-10
Art by Mark Buckingham
Snow White must deal with something strange going on at The Farm.

Bag O’ Bones
Issue #11
Art by Bryan Talbot
An adventure Jack has during the U. S. Civil War.

A Two-Part Caper
Issues #12-13
Art by Lan Medina
Bigby Wolf leads a motley crew on a caper to save Fabletown from being exposed to the general public.

A Storybook Love
Issues #14-17
Art by Mark Buckingham
Bigby and Snow get tricked and have to fight for their life, while Prince Charming begins his search for power.

The Barleycorn Brides
Issue #18
Art by Linda Medley
Bigby Wolf explains to Flycatcher how the residents of Smalltown, on the Farm, settled their town and survived through extraordinary circumstances.

The Last Castle
Art by Craig Hamilton & P. Craig Russell
Boy Blue tells Snow White about the last stand at the lone remaining free castle in the Homelands.

March of the Wooden Soldiers
Issues #19-21, 23-27
Art by Mark Buckingham
A force of soldiers is sent by the Adversary to attack Fabletown.

Cinderella Libertine
Issue #22
Art by Tony Akins
Cinderella reveals who she really is, while overseas with Ichabod Crane.

War Stories
Issues #28-29
Art by Tony Akins
A tale about one of Bigby Wolf’s adventures behind enemy lines during World War II.

The Mean Seasons
Issues #30-33
Art by Mark Buckingham
Taking place over the course of a year, this story is about the birth of Snow and Bigby’s child, and the fallout from the Mayoral election.

Jack Be Nimble
Issues #34-35
Art by David Hahn
Jack runs off to Hollywood, looking for fame and riches.

Issues #36-38, 40-41
Art by Mark Buckingham
Boy Blue returns to the Homelands in search of vengeance and love, and discovers the identity of the Adversary.

Issue #39
Art by Lan Medina
One of the secret Tourists returns home, and Beast learns the identity of a traitor in Fabletown.

Arabian Nights (and Days)
Issues #42-45
Art by Mark Buckingham
A delegation of Arabian Fables make a diplomatic trip to Fabletown, bringing trouble with them to Fabletown.

The Ballad of Rodney and June
Issues #46-47
Art by Jim Fern
A wooden soldier and a wooden female encounter human emotions, and must decide their future.

Issues #48-49
Art by Mark Buckingham
Mowgli continues his search for Bigby Wolf.

Happily Ever After
Issue #50
Art by Mark Buckingham
Bigby Wolf tries to complete a mission for Prince Charming so that he may try to see his kids.

Big and Small
Issue #51
Art by Shawn McManus
Cinderella tries to establish a treaty with the Cloud Kingdoms while dealing with their culture and time restraints.

Sons of Empire
Issues #52-55
Art by Mark Buckingham
The Adversary/Emperor discusses with his top advisers on how they are going to respond to Bigby’s attack.

Jiminy Christmas
Issue #56
Art by Mark Buckingham
We see what gifts Santa has for some of the Fables.

Father and Son
Issues #57-58
Art by Mike Allred
Snow White and Bigby Wolf take the cubs to see Mr. North and unknowingly find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Burning Questions
Issue #59
Art by various Artists
Reader questions about what characters have been up to are answered.

The Good Prince
Issues #60-63, 65-69
Art by Mark Buckingham
Prince Ambrose Flycatcher finally faces what has happened in his life, and sets out on a quest to fulfill his destiny.

The Birthday Secret
Issue #64
Art by Aaron Alexovich
The cubs celebrate their fifth birthday, while Snow White and Bigby Wolf let the cubs in on a family secret.

Kingdom Come
Issue #70
Art by Niko Henrichon
Boy Blue settles some business at The Farm before heading to a war council meeting.

Issues #71-72
Art by Mark Buckingham
Cinderella goes on her mission to retrieve an important package for Fabletown’s war effort.

War and Pieces
Issues# 73-75
Art by Mark Buckingham
The war between Fabletown and the Adversary is fought to the end.

Around the Town
Issue #76
Art by Mike Allred
The newest member of Fabletown is introduced to the town, while they are forced to cope with his presence.

The Dark Ages
Issues #77-81
Art by Mark Buckingham
A new threat is revealed, while one of their heroes fights for his life from a war injury.

Waiting for the Blues
Issue #82
Art by David Hahn
They mourn the passing of a hero, while contemplating their lives and the nature of their existence.

The Great Fables Crossover
Issues #83-85, Jack of Fables #33-35, The Literals #1-3
Art by Mark Buckingham, Russ Braun, and Tony Akins
A new danger threatens to undo existence.

Boxing Days
Issue #86
Art by Jim Fern
Learn how Mr. Dark became trapped in the box he was found in.

Issues #87-91
Art by Mark Buckingham
An unlikely hero saves the business office, while the witches try to figure out what to do with Mr. Dark.

The Championship
Issues #92-93
Art by David Lapham
Flycatcher has to deal with the difficulties of being king after an unfortunate incident in Haven.

Rose Red
Issues #94-98
Art by Mark Buckingham
Rose Red finally learns the history of what caused her hatred of her sister, Snow White.

Dark City
Issue #99
Art by Inaki Miranda
Mr. Dark continues to shape New York City, even after a message is delivered to him.


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