Alex Ross

Podicus Wrecks #35 – Marveling at Marvels

In this week’s episode of Podicus Wrecks, we’re discussing Marvels, by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross.  Why would we discuss a 23 year-old mini-series, you ask?  Well, because Anthony has never read it, and we felt strongly that this was a must-read series.  It is just a fantastic look at the beginnings of the Marvel Universe through the eyes of a photographer.  Also included in this episode, Jacob attempts to convince us to play Persona 5 and Changeling is featured in this week’s “Better Know an X-Man.”


Craptain America

So apparently this is Alex Ross’ new design for a new Captain America, set to debut in January’s Captain America #34. We don’t know who’s under the mask, although Marvel promises its not Steve Rogers as he’s still dead. Putting aside the fact that this new fella is toting a handgun and hunting knife, which is totally not Captain America, what do I think of the costume? One word: Ugh. The black and ultra shiny red, white, and blue don’t go together well at all. The triangular design is reminiscent of Ross’ unused original movie Spider-Man costume, which I was also not a fan of. Just replace the red, webbed part with the American flag. I can really only think of one thing that would make this aesthetically unpleasing apparel worthwhile, and that’s it this new Captain America turns out to be none other than Bucky Barnes. That’d also explain the weapons.

I know there are some people out there who think everything Alex Ross touches turns to gold, but I’m not one of them. He paints pretty pictures of already existing characters and costumes, but his original designs are hit & miss with me.