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A little BWAH HA!



Reluctant acceptance

Anyone who has been with us for a while probably knows that despite being a huge X-Men fan, my all-time favorite superhero is the second incarnation of the Blue Beetle, Ted Kord.  I’ve loved the guy for years and have endured having to explain who the hell he is pretty much any time someone new finds out that I’m a huge comic nerd and asks “Who’s your favorite?”

You probably are also well aware that it absolutely broke my heart when DC finally gave him a spotlight issue that made people see him as the awesome hero I always knew he was, only to put a bullet in his head at the end and replace him with a new, hip youngster with the way too overboard power set of “CAN DO EVERYTHING.”

But with the most recent run of Blue Beetle, starring both Jaime Reyes AND Ted Kord, I’ve finally begun to move towards the possibility of accepting Jaime and even liking him.  And then, in issue #8, he does this:


Okay, kid.  You got me.  I like you.


Blue Beetle Rebirth

I don’t really get how DC is doing things nowadays.  I’m not sure what big event went where and whatnot to get us to where we are now, but I do know that some kind of reset button has been hit and now we have a Blue Beetle book with both Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes in it.  And that’s my bag, baby.


I am a Blue Beetle fan.  THE Blue Beetle fan, you might say.  He is my #1 go-to awesome superhero.  I truly love him.  Unfortunately, my Blue Beetle was shot in the head a decade ago and replaced by a completely different character that I could not connect with.  There was teenage angst and crazy super powers that could do pretty much everything and none of the stuff that I had loved for so long.  And so Jaime Reyes became my most hated character, simply because he wasn’t Ted Kord.  Sorry, kid.

But now after all the teasing, DC finally brings back a Blue Beetle book that puts both the Ted Kord and the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle into play.  I get my Ted Kord back, flying the Bug and doing the no-powers tech hero gimmick while Jaime Reyes still gets to fly around being the magic whatever.  BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

Thank you, DC.  I will take this compromise.

He’s Coming

TED KORD LIVES!!!!  And not just in some Multiverse story by Grant Morrison that may or may not eventually come out…some day.  Ted Kord will be alive in the New 52.  Well, in Forever Evil #1, it was hinted that there was a college age Kord running around, but now we know for certain that it is Ted.  And Ted will be making in appearance in Forever Evil #7, and continuing on in Justice League.  This according to Geoff Johns in an interview with Newsarma.  Well, here’s a link to the Robot 6 article I found it on because I don’t visit Newsarama after getting a virus after visiting the site on two different computers.

While this isn’t really exciting news for myself, it is for my partner in crime, Jacob.  He happens to have 3 Ted Kord/Blue Beetle figures, plus a custom Mighty Mug that someone painted to resemble Blue  Beetle.  Because of my aversion to Newsarama, I haven’t read the full interview with Johns, so I don’t know if he actually states that Ted will be a Blue Beetle.  There’s also a question of what happens to the current Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes.  Of course, it wouldn’t be unprecedented for DC to have two Blue Beetles running around.  With Wally West returning, there may be 2 Flashes running around.  And there were before the New 52 began.  Hell, there were two Batmen running around for a bit.

DC Nation – 4/28/12

Welcome to this week’s installment of DC Nation.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “In Love and War.”  The Green Lanterns discover the Star Sapphires.  Today is the first episode of season two of Young Justice, which added Invasion to the title, and is titled “Happy New Year.”  It’s five years later, and the team discovers alien invaders.  The short segments include a profile of Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes), a Super Best Friends Forever cartoon titled “Grounded,” and a new Mad cartoon titled “Teen Titanic.”  Once again, I imagine that I’ve spelled most of the things wrong in the Green Lantern episode.  I’ll fix it when I can find the correct spellings.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “In Love and War”
Kilowog is feeling down about leaving Galia behind.  Hal is trying to cheer him up when Aya alerts them that there is something 20 seconds away.  It turns out that this thing is a giant space monster.  They are aided by two Star Saphires, named Acapo, Gyita.  They offer the Lanterns rest and repairs on their home planet of Zamaron.  Acapo looks into Kilowog, and sees he’s suffering from a broken heart.  A Star Sapphire ring goes to Galia.  Acapo tells Hal that they used to be with the Guardians, long ago, but they disagreed with the Guardians about the role of emotions.  The Sapphires believed that only love could heal the universe.  Gyita takes Hal on a tour, but he brushes her advances off.  Kilowog runs into Galia.  He asks how she got here, but she tells him to hush, and that she has something that can keep them together forever.  Aya has fixed the ship, but she can’t get Kilowog to respond.  Razer contacts Hal, who tells him not to worry.  It’s revealed that Kilowog has been encased in a crystal.  Queen Acapo is unhappy that Hal hasn’t fallen in love with Gyita yet, and tells her to take stronger actions.  Gyita gives Hal a drink, and finds that he already has a true love in Carol Ferris.  Acapo sends a ring to Carol.  On Earth, Carol has just been told that Hal can’t be found when she’s offered a ring.  Razer approaches Acapo, and demands to know where Kilowog is.  Acapo invites Razer to join her in searching for him.  She denies Aya entrance though.  Aya decides to go on her own search, and finds Kilowog, among many others, encased in crystal.  When she tries to contact Razer, she is attacked by Galia.  She subdues Galia, and flees.  Aya finds Razer as Acapo was offering him drinks, and tells him that Kilowog has been imprisoned.  The ring transports Carol to Hal.  Carol sees Gyita, becomes jealous, and attacks her.  Eventually, Hal is able to reason with Carol, and get her to stop fighting.  They kiss, she comes to her senses, and Hal tells her what’s been going on.  Gyita tells Carol that she can use the power of love to keep him.  Carol tells her that that isn’t actually love.  Carol gives back the Star Sapphire ring, and is returned to Earth.  Hal gets Kilowog out of the crystal, and they go to help Razer and Aya, who are fighting Acapo and her guards.  Gyita tries to convince Acapo to release them.  Acapo looks into Razer’s mind, and realizes that Aya looks like Razer’s love Alana.  With the help of Gyita, the Green Lanterns are able to escape.


DC tidbits and an update

After Justice League: Generation Lost concluded, I found myself no longer collecting any DC titles.  Thus this seemingly disastrous gimmick mega event relaunch thing doesn’t directly affect me.  Two titles actually stuck out to me, but for various reasons I have decided against them both.

Justice League International
I had finished JL:GL with every intention of picking this book up when it launched.  Unfortunately (for me, at least) the title has been given to Dan Jurgens for writing duties, but not for art duties.  Of the two, Jurgens’s art has always been stronger than his writing and his taking over Booster Gold twice led to me dropping the title.  I’m not saying his stuff is particularly bad, per se, but it’s not exactly good either.  If it turns out to be epic stuff, I might consider picking up the trades, but more than likely this will just be a title that exists for the sake of existing.  Much like when he took over the original JLI team back in the late eighties and turned it into a Superman book.

Blue Beetle
After much doing, I have gotten over my hatred of Jaime Reyes, with a lot of help from the story in Booster Gold by Giffen and DeMatteis that saw Booster finally coming to terms with Ted Kord’s death.  So for about a minute, I actually considered picking up this relaunch of Blue Beetle, but then I realized I had no interest in the kid’s solo adventures.  I liked him a lot as a member of Teen Titans and he really grew on my in JL:GL.  Much like his predecessor, young Jaime works well in team settings, but I just can’t get hyped up about seeing him solo.  I have a feeling this book is going to be one of the many announced that will quickly fizzle out.

So with those two off my radar, it looks like I will be continuing to Make Mine Marvel.

Okay jerk, so where’s the new Chuck Austen’s X-Men?
This one is about 60% complete, but I ran into an unforeseen case of illness over the weekend and spent a lot of it not thinking or moving.  But that’s not to say I’m going to let it go.  Look for the posting to come tomorrow afternoon at the latest.  Would I lie to you?

New Comic Day hangover

It’s been several weeks since I’ve picked up my new comics, so I’ll be going through the backlog on this, my 20th edition of the New Comic Day hangover.  20?  Really?  Where does the time go?

Anyway, this edition we’ll be looking at…

  • Booster Gold #38 in which we get a trip to the past to set up a continuity issue.
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #13-14 in which we get a whole lot of Captain Atom.
  • New Mutants #19 in which we get more torture.
  • Uncanny X-Force #2 in which Wolverine pisses off Angel.
  • Uncanny X-Men #530 in which the mutants get the sniffles.
  • X-Factor #211 in which we get back to Las Vegas.
  • X-Men #5 in which we are still fighting vampires.
  • X-Men Legacy #242 in which the rebuilding of San Francisco gets underway.

As a side note, I know I said I would be dropping both Uncanny X-Force and Booster Gold but since my comic shop had already ordered  me copies of these issues before I dropped them from my pull list, I did the decent thing and went ahead and picked them up.  The same will happen with next month’s issues.

Anyway – reviews (with SPOILERS) after the jump.  Let’s get to it!