Dark Nights

Dark Nights: Teen Titans #12

Teen Titans 12 coverWith any mega-event these days, there are going to be tie-in issues.  Sometimes those are one-shots or a separate mini-series, and sometimes they are standard issues of other series.  With this event, Dark Nights is the all-encompassing title for the event, and Metal is the title of the main mini-series book.  With that, for summaries and reviews, Metal will receive its own post, and then any tie-ins will be grouped together.  It just so happens that there is only one this week, Teen Titans #12, which is part 1 of the “Gotham Resistance” story line.

If you’re a reader of Teen Titans, then you’ll know that Robin hasn’t been getting along with the rest of the team, and that is brought up here.  It doesn’t really mean anything for the rest of the issue, but it’s there for some background.  The Teen Titans land in Gotham, finding that rings have been set up all around the city.  While the rest of the Teen Titans are trying to help people, Robin goes in search of his father and enters a maze.  (more…)


Dark Nights: Metal #2

DC Metal 2We last left off with this series learning that the Metal title was in reference to at least the Nth Metal, and was connected to a substance know as Dark Matter from a Dark Multiverse.  Batman being Batman decided to be all Batmany about it and rushed off on his own to try solve this crisis.  (It’s DC, we might as well call it a crisis.)

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s epic, Metal, continued this week with issue #2.  This issue continues the quick pace established in the first issue, weaving together action, exposition, and witty one-liners into another fantastic issue.  Here’s what you need to know about, though you should know that Damian is totally winning in this issue.  (more…)

DC Metal #1

DC Metal 1Not going to lie.  When I found out that DC Metal was going to be featuring Nth metal and dark matter, I was a little disappointed.  I was really hoping that the Justice League was going to forming a rock band and going on tour.  You can’t honestly tell me that you would not read that.

But anyways, this story starts with the Justice League on a recently created Warworld, and are forced to fight in Mongul’s gladiator pits.  They are pitted against creations of the Toyman, but he built into the robots an easy way out.  The League finds these buttons, go into the robots, and join up to form Voltron.  Or something.  But it was fun.  (more…)