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Dark Nights: Batman The Merciless

Batman the Merciless coverThe origin stories of the Batmen from the Dark Multiverse continues with Batman The Drowned.  Previously, we have had The Red Death, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker, and The Drowned.  With The Merciless, Batman has gained the power of Ares, the God of War.

Generally, I love Peter Tomasi’s writing.  And let me just off the bat (ha), that this is a well written issue.  I have no problems with the story.  It all makes sense.  My problem stems from something that they decided to leave out of the issue.  In past reviews, I frequently preach that storytellers should show, and not tell.  It is something I was taught, and was an idea that stuck with me.  Sometimes, alluding to, or hinting at, works.  Here, Batman’s internal narration is used to surprise the reader, and it does not work nearly as well as if we had actually seen the scene describe.  (more…)


Dark Nights: Batman The Drowned

Batman the Drowned coverThe origin stories of the Batmen from the Dark Multiverse continues with Batman The Drowned.  Previously, we have had The Red Death, The Murder Machine, and The Dawnbreaker.  With The Drowned, we are introduced to Bryce Wayne, and she has gained the powers of Aquaman.  Well, in her Earth, it was Aquawoman.  It is a gender-swapped Earth.

We meet Bryce Wayne sometime after the death of her love, Sylvester Kyle (get it, a male Selina Kyle).  Sylvester’s death was “caused” by Rogue Metas, who I assume would be that Earth’s Justice League.  I use quotes there because what exactly happened is not clear.  And there is reason to believe that she may not be telling the full story.  Normally, I would want to see what happened.  A page of action.  But I actually like the mystery here.  It is played upon later in the issue, when we see what lead to Bryce gaining the powers of Aquawoman.  (more…)

Dark Nights: Metal #3

DC Metal 3 coverScott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s epic power ballad continues with Metal #3.  If you are not caught up with the series, you can check out my reviews of Metal #1 and Metal #2.  We last left off with Batman inadvertently opening the portal to the Dark Multiverse, allowing the Dark Batmen to enter, and cause all kinds of chaos (check out Gotham Resistance or the Dark Batmen origins).

This story starts in a dream. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent are rocking out as their parents, along with Diana wait for the rest of the Justice League to arrive to celebrate their victory in the war.  But that celebration is short lived as they notice Bruce beginning to bleed in the shape of a bat.  As he says “Carpe Diem,” Barbatos springs from Bruce, leaving Superman to fight him, again.  Superman has been fighting Barbatos continuously for what has seemed like a lifetime, until Wonder Woman pulls him from a tower of people.  (more…)

Dark Nights: Batman The Murder Machine

Batman the murder machine coverBatman The Murder Machine is the second of Dark Batmen origin tie-in series for Metal.  It was written by Frank Tieri and James Tynion IV, and drawn by Riccardo Federici.  If you haven’t read Metal, then I suggest you do.  But know that at the end of Metal #2, Batman from the Dark Multiverse came through a portal.  The first origin issue was Batman The Red Death.  In that issue, a Batman was trying to steal the Speed Force from The Flash.  In this issue, Things aren’t so clear cut.

Here, we have a Batman that is constantly re-watching a recording of his rogues gallery killing Alfred.  The Justice League try to get him to come to terms with it.  Instead, he approaches Victor Stone about something he had been working on.  He had created scan of Alfred’s mind, but needed Cyborg’s help bringing it online.  Thinking Batman could use his father figure, Cyborg helps him.  Of course, things go terribly wrong.  (more…)

Dark Nights: Suicide Squad #26

Suicide Squad 26 cover

Cover by Stjepan Stejic

We have come to part 3 of the Metal tie-in “Gotham Resistance” story.  For the previous parts, check out my reviews of Teen Titans #12 and Nightwing #29.  We last left our intrepid band of do-gooders (Robin, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc) having just defeated Mr. Fries.  They found another metallic card, and were continuing their search for Batman.

The issue opens with a scene showing Amanda Waller sending the Suicide Squad to Gotham, because things have gotten weird, and she does not know why.  I’m not sure why this was needed.  I think by this point, it was safe to assume that Waller had at some point sent the Squad to Gotham to check things out.  The only thing you really get out of it is Croc saying that Gotham isn’t his city.  This comes back up later on.  (more…)

Dark Nights: Batman The Red Death

Batman The Red Death cover

Cover by Jason Fabok and Dean White

With the release of Batman: The Red Death, we have our first of the Dark Batmen origin stories.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out our recaps of Metal #1 and Metal #2.  Otherwise, this story may not make a whole lot of sense.

The Batmen of the Dark Multiverse seem to make up their own Justice League, or sorts, each with the power or a normal Justice League member.  So it seems.  This all may have been explained better elsewhere, I don’t really read news articles on upcoming stories.  First, I don’t like to be spoiled on any details.  Second, I shouldn’t need to have an explanation going in for the story to make sense.

Anyways, The Red Death has the power of The Flash, and this is the story of how he got that power.  (more…)

Dark Nights: Metal #2

DC Metal 2We last left off with this series learning that the Metal title was in reference to at least the Nth Metal, and was connected to a substance know as Dark Matter from a Dark Multiverse.  Batman being Batman decided to be all Batmany about it and rushed off on his own to try solve this crisis.  (It’s DC, we might as well call it a crisis.)

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s epic, Metal, continued this week with issue #2.  This issue continues the quick pace established in the first issue, weaving together action, exposition, and witty one-liners into another fantastic issue.  Here’s what you need to know about, though you should know that Damian is totally winning in this issue.  (more…)