Death Note

Netflix’s Death Note review

Death Note posterI cannot say that I have a vast knowledge of Death Note.  I have never read the manga.  I watched half of the anime.  I have seen all 3 of the Japanese movies.  So, I do not claim to be an expert or even a big fan.  I enjoyed what I have watched, but had not gone out to find more to engulf myself with.  Add all of this with the fact that I am generally open to new adaptations, and I entered watching the new Netflix Death Note movie with what I would call cautious optimism.  And I did try to keep that open mind for as long as I could.  Unfortunately, it was not that long at all.

If you are thinking about making an adaptation, where you are changing the setting and tone, then do yourself a favor and change the characters as well.  With this adaptation, the setting has been changed to Seattle.  I do not quite know how to describe the change in tone.  In what I have seen, it was always a serious, almost somber tone.  This movie almost felt like they were going for camp, even gore early on.  That may have worked, if they had used different characters.  Spoilers ahead.  (more…)