Doctor Strange

Podicus Wrecks #29 – Strange Viewings

In this episode, we briefly discuss our first impressions on the Nintendo Switch, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Logan.  Our very first “Better Know an X-Men” segment features Marrow.  We then go in depth with our review of Doctor Strange.


Doctor Strange Review

doctor-strange-movie-posterDoctor Strange is a visually stunning movie with enjoyable characters, but it also is a movie I feel like I’ve seen several times before, within the Marvel Universe.  Now, I’m not certain if that is because most these characters have very similar themes in their origin stories to begin with, or if they are being adjusted for the movies because it is a story that works.  But let’s start with the good, because I did enjoy the movie after all and I’m told that it’s sometimes difficult to tell when I do actually enjoy something.

And I really did enjoy Doctor Strange.  There was no point in the movie where I felt like I wished the movie would just get on with it.  My complaints with the movie stem from its use of standard origin story cliches that can be found in many origin stories, Marvel movies or otherwise. You should be warned that there will be spoilers ahead.  (more…)

New Doctor Strange trailer

Apparently, this came out a couple weeks ago, but I just saw it while watching the Olympics last night.  I’m going to be honest, I’m still having some trouble getting hyped for this movie.  I don’t think I have superhero fatigue, but rather origin story fatigue.  They all really end up being the same basic movie, just with different characters.  I’d much rather see the established hero take care of business, so I’m not asking at the end how a character that just started training is able to take out this major threat.  Or asking, don’t these heroes have any villains that are really different from them? But I may just be grumpy right now.

Doctor Strange trailer; More Batfleck

The Doctor Strange trailer premiered last night.  In short, there’s nothing that really got me, not a reader of Doctor Strange, excited for the film.  It’s a lot of Benedict Cumberbatch being serious, alternating between clean shaven and scruffy, scruffy him being trained by a bald Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One (because apparently no Asian men were available), and a scene that really reminds me of a scene from Inception.

I’m not going to pretend to know much of anything about Doctor Strange.  Maybe there’s some reasonable explanation for Swinton being the Ancient One.  I don’t know.  And I’ll still see the movie.  I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Cumberbatch is a good actor.  And yes, it’s easy to tell that Stephen Strange was living a fine life being a doctor, until something happened to him, and then his life went off the rails, then of course he was chosen for a special power, as one tends to be.

Also, Warner Bros. confirmed at CinemaCon that there would be a stand alone Batman film starring in and directed by Ben Affleck.  I like this news.  He was good as Batman, and is an accomplished director.  Really interested to see who’s writing and when this movie is set.  And before you look for what I said on Batman v Superman, don’t.  I haven’t written anything on it.  I’ve seen it, and liked it.  But some life things happened and never got around to writing a review.  At this point, I’m going to wait for the Director’s Cut, and review that.

Marvel Universe – 7/8/12

Ultimate Spider-Man – “Strange”
During school, Peter Parker falls asleep and has a dream that he has 8 limbs.  Iron Fist comes in and punches him through a wall.  Peter Parker wakes up to find that Danny Rand was in his mind, dream-walking, and woke them up.  They find that all of their classmates are asleep.  Spider-man and Iron Fist leave school to find the entire city is asleep.  Iron Fist explains that this have to be the work of some supernatural force.  Spider-man doubts the existence of magic, but Iron Fist leads him to the house of Doctor Strange.  Doctor Strange shows them Nightmare, the king of dreams.  Strange says that Nightmare has been trying to escape the dimension of dreams.  Spider-man is still skeptical of the supernatural.  Doctor Strange takes Spider-man and Iron Fist to the realm of dreams to fight Nightmare.  In the dream realm, Spider-man gets a peak at what the other members of the team are dreaming.  Spider-man agrees that there might be something to this magic thing.  Nightmare confronts them.  Nightmare sends his dreamons after the trio.  Everything Doctor Strange tries against Nightmare is failing.  Spider-man and Iron Fist get separated from Strange.  In Iron Fists nightmare, they encounter Shao Lao, and Iron Fist loses his mystical power.  Iron Fist doubts his abilities and if he deserves the power or not.  Spider-man gets knocked out of Iron Fist’s dream, and back to Doctor Strange.  Nightmare plays on Doctor Strange’s fear, and Strange has no mystical power.  Nightmare reminds Spider-man of Uncle Ben.  This backfires, because Spider-man is afraid of his failure with Uncle Ben, but rather is inspired by it.  Spider-man overcoming his Nightmare weakened Nightmare, and allowed Doctor Strange to break Nightmare’s hold on everyone.  Iron Fist overcomes his nightmare and rejoins them.  Doctor Strange is able to imprison Nightmare.  Spider-man and Iron Fist rush back to school.  (more…)