Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps was…something all right

I’ve been taking some time to pour through the history of some of the characters I’ve always taken interest in, but for whatever reason (a love of the X, mainly) have failed to get around to actually reading.  I’m trying to learn more about the history of the DCU, mainly, and lately I’ve been focusing on Green Lantern.  Not Green Lantern, galactic police force like you know it now, but the rather sitcom-like family style of Green Lantern Corps back in the still just post-Crisis days.

I’ve found a new respect for John Stewart, an irreplaceable love for the GL squirrel Ch’p, and…well, I don’t really know what to say about Killowog.  You see, GL Corps was about breaking down barriers, be them race, age, sex, or whatnot.  But sometimes it gets a little TOO much.  Like aging a 14-year old girl to adulthood via power ring so she can date Hal Jordan.  Or this:



From Green Lantern Corps #206, written by Steve Englehart and drawn by Joe Stanton

Not quite sure that’s a barrier you want to be breaking.  Post-Crisis DC was a weird place.


Geoff Johns ending run on Green Lantern

With the release of DC’s May Solicitations, it has been revealed that Geoff Johns’ run on Green Lantern is ending at 9 years with issue #20.  (Yes, that sounds weird.)  This news brings up mixed emotions in me.  On the one hand, Johns has been on the title for a very long time, and it may be good to let someone step in and take control of the title.  On the other hand, I’ve really enjoyed Johns’ run on the title, and there is the worry that I may not enjoy whoever replaces him.

Geoff Johns began his run on Green Lantern with the Rebirth mini-series.  This mini-series is what ended Hal Jordan being The Spectre, and brought him back to life, and back to being a Green Lantern.  Throughout the early part of his run, his stories dealt with the difficulty of Hal being alive again, considering what he did as Paralax before his death.  Then there was the most notable story in his run, the crossover Sinestro Corps War.  This story would launch the Sinestro Corps, wielding yellow rings powered by fear, and would expand to create corps for the rest of the light spectrum.  Later on, we would get Blackest Night, War of the Green Lanterns, Rise of the Third Army, and lastly (soon to start) Wrath of the First Lantern.  (more…)

DC Nation – 9/29/12

Today we have the season 2 premiere of Green Lantern, titled “The New Guy,” in which Hal returns to Earth to find that there’s a new Green Lantern running around.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Satisfaction.”

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “The New Guy”
There’s a crack in space, and something (Anti-Monitor) floats through it.  He drifts down to a planet, and destroys a ship that tells him he can’t be there.  It then reactivates Manhunter robots.  Hal Jordan returns to Earth, and tells Carol Ferris that he won.  He asks if they can start again, and wants to get back to work.  Carol tells him that since he’s been gone for months, she had to replace him.  Mid discussion, Hal sees a news report about a broken crane, and leaves to help, after setting dinner plans with Carol.  He arrives at the construction site in order to save a worker, but another Green Lantern stops the crane from falling.  Guy Gardner is the new Lantern.  Guy tells Hal that the Guardians sent him in as a replacement.  They decide to talk Guardian business over hot wings at a place called McDuffie’s (Dwayne).  Guy convinces Hal to call the Guardians and tell them off.  Hal starts, but finds that Guy is real friendly with the Guardians.  Hal, not happy about being replaced, and they come to blows.  Their fight is stopped by a news report about unearthly energy coming from an archeological dig.  They find markings that translate into “No man escapes the Manhunters,” and find 3 of robots.  The Manhunters attack them.  Hal reports in to Salaak, who tells him that if they are active, then they need to be destroyed or else they’ll exterminate everyone on Earth.  The Manhunters break through to the surface.  While Hal and Guy are fighting 2 of the Manhunters, the third spots a town, and detects emotions.  Working together, they are able to destroy the Manhunters, and have a bonding moment.  Hal gets a call from Carol an hour and a half after their dinner plans, and Carol tells him that it’s better for both of them if they just move on.  Salaak contacts Hal, and tells him to report to the Guardian chamber at one.  The Guardians tell him that he will no longer be Green Lantern of Sector 2814, and instead, has been promoted to honor guard, patrolling all of Guardian space.  (more…)

Weekly Readings

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Readings.  Here’s what we cover this week:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #4, in which the Turtles find something relating to their origin.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series #8, in which we’re told the tale of Fugitoid.
  • Detective Comics #0, in which we learn about who was Bruce Wayne’s last teacher.
  • Before Watchmen:  Silk Spectre #3, in which Silk Spectre seeks out revenge for a drug trip.
  • Action Comics #0, in which a boy steals Superman’s cape.
  • DC Universe Presents #12, in which we get a fun Kid Flash story with dinosaurs.
  • Hawkeye #2, in which Clint Barton and Kate Bishop team up to stop a group of robbers.
  • Green Lantern #0, in which we are introduced to a new Green Lantern named Simon Baz.
  • Fairest #7, in which we’re told the tale of Lamia.
  • Earth-2 #0, in which we get a tale involving the Trinity.
  • Dial H #0, in which we learn about the power of the dial.

Spoilers after the break.  (more…)

Weekly Readings

It’s a very “annual week this week, along with a couple Geoff Johns books that were delayed.

  • Aquaman #12, in which Aquaman confronts Black Manta.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series #7, in which we get a story about April O’Neil.
  • Justice League #12, in which the League tries to defeat David Graves.
  • Before Watchmen:  Minutemen #3, in which divisions appear within the group.
  • Superman Annual #1, in which Helspont returns to put Superman in his place.
  • Green Lantern Annual #1, in which the Guardians begin assembling The Third Army.
  • Detective Comics Annual #1, in which Black Mask tries to reassert his control.

Of course, there are spoilers after the break.  (more…)

New corps member to appear in Green Lantern cartoon

While we wait for the San Diego Comic Con to get fully started, there was one interesting thing (interesting to me) from the Preview night that I wanted to highlight.  It was revealed yesterday that Guy Gardner would be appearing in the second season of the cartoon.  Guy Gardner will be voiced by Diedrich Bader (Batman:  Brave and the Bold, Drew Carey Show), and is advertised as a “much cockier, more brash and a womanizer.”

It was also revealed that the big threat for the second season would be the Anti-Monitor.  Personally, I’m not really sure how you introduce the Anti-Monitor, the destroyer of universes, into a kids cartoon.  My hope was that the Sinestro Corps would be introduced, but I do kind of admire the show for not grabbing that low hanging fruit immediately.  Although, they have introduced 4 of the 7 standard rings of power.  The only ones left out from the first season were indigo, orange, and yellow.  I will be mightily impressed and surprised if they ever introduce the black ring, it being death and all.

DC Nation – 5/26/12

Welcome to this week’s edition of DC Nation.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “Homecoming.”  The Red Lanterns arrive at Oa.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Beneath.”  The Alpha Team heads to Bialya to investigate Boom Tube usage, while Jamie Reyes looks for his friend.  The short segments include a profile of Animal Man (might be a repeat), part one of an Atom cartoon, and a new Super Best Friends Forever cartoon.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Homecoming”
Hal and Razer fly off to implement their plan, while Kilowog tries to buy them some time.  Atrocitus, aboard the Interceptor, arrive at Oa.  Using Aya, they trick their way onto Oa.  Hal Jordan wakes up to find himself on Earth, where he sees Carol.  Atrocitus and his forces land on Oa, and attack some Guardians.  Hal is having dinner with Carol, but seems a bit out of it and doesn’t remember what has been going on.  Kilowog does his best to fight off the Red Lantern armada.  Carol tries to make Hal remember being a Green Lantern by going to Ferris Air and showing him his Lantern.  This causes Hal to remember.  Razer and He went to Zamaron to ask the Star Sapphires for help.  Hal convinces them to teleport him back to Earth, despite of the possible consequences.  Hal kisses Carol, and flies off.  While fighting, Kilowog experiences a power boost.  This cam from the presence of the Blue Lantern Saint Walker.  Along with Saint Walker, Mogo joins the fight against the armada.  Atrocitus and his group are able to overpower Salaak, and get to the Guardians.  However, Hal Jordan is there waiting for them.  Hal tells Atrocitus that he’s right to feel rage towards the Guardians, but what he’s doing is wrong.  Drusa is attempting to delete Aya’s higher functions when Razer teleports in and saves her.  Using Saint Walker to boost Mogo’s power, they are able to stop the armada.  Hal is fighting Atrocitus, while the Guardians watch.  Hal is able to overcome Atrocitus.  Hal tries to reason with Zilius Zox.  The Guardians promise to make restitution in the Forgotten Zone.  Zilius agrees, as Atrocitus is taken to the prison.  Razer avoids the question of how he got to Oa so quickly.  The Guardians go to thank Hal, but he flies back to Earth.  (more…)