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Dark Nights: Justice League #32

Justice League 32 coverDC’s Dark Nights event continues with part 2 of the “Bats Out of Hell” story line, found in Justice League #32, written by Robert Venditti, with art by Liam Sharp and Adam Brown.  In part 1, in Flash #33, the Justice League was trapped in areas created by their Dark Batmen counterparts.  This issue builds upon that with some of the confrontations.  There’s not a whole lot of action in this issue, as we mainly just see the traps that the heroes have been lured into.  As a matter of storytelling, I kind of wish they would have focused on 1 or 2 of the heroes, and told their entire story.  We know that all of this stuff is happening at the same time, so the writer does not need to space out the events to show that these are happening simultaneously.   (more…)


Podicus Wrecks #66 – Table top joys and frustrations part 6

This week, Anthony and Scotty join J. R. to discuss their experiences playing the table top games Rayguns & Rocketships and Betrayal at Baulder’s Gate. There are also a spoiler filled discussion regarding Justice League and Murder On the Orient Express.

Podicus Wrecks #63 – Upcoming movies

This week, Anthony and J. R. are talking about upcoming movies they are interested in, premiering between Nov. 2017 and April 2018. They start with their thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok, and continue with their thoughts heading into Justice League, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Panther, and others. Jacob then pops in to offer his take on the trailer for The New Mutants. Casey then has his minute recaps of the “The Damned” and “Monsters” episodes of The Walking Dead. Finally being wrapped up with some thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey and news from Blizzcon.


Justice League trailer

So, here we have a trailer for the upcoming Justice League.  There’s a lot of stuff shown, but I don’t think you can really tell from the trailer if Warner Bros. has really changed their ways.  Sure, the movie looks good, but visuals aren’t what people have complained about in Zack Snyder movies.  I’m probably over-thinking it, but it definitely seems like WB wants us to think Justice League will be a bit less grim.

First thoughts are that I really think Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman are going to determine if this movie is any good.  Does the movie get bogged down introducing those characters, or do their appearances flow naturally with the pace of the movie?  Also, where’s Superman?  Yes, I know what happened at the end of Batman v. Superman.  But really, is anyone expecting him to not show up in Justice League?  Personally, I don’t think you should put Superman in any of the marketing.  If/When he shows up, let it truly be a surprise.

The Darkseid War Act 2

Justice League 45 coverWelcome to Act 2 of the Darkseid War.  If you’re reading this, then I assume you know what happens in Act 1.  If not, go back and read it.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…Ready.  So, of course there are going to be spoilers, as this is a recap more than a review.

So, we pick up where we left off.  Batman is sitting on the Mobius chair getting knowledge and stuff.  Superman and Lex Luthor are stuck on Apokolips, and Superman has gotten lots of angry Apokolips energy.  And what else?  Oh yeah, Darkseid is dead.  Finished.  Kaput.  Pushing daisies.  So that’s where we are entering Act 2.  (more…)

The Darkseid War Act 1

With the release of Justice League #50, The Darkseid War has ended.  Having not read most of it, and hearing that it does lead into DC Universe Rebirth #1, I figured I might as well read it now, and recap it as I go.  With the occasional snarky comment.  This covers Justice League 40-45, the prologue and act one.  I should have Act 2 and Act 3 up by the end of the weekend.  Enjoy.

Metron is sitting in his Mobius chair, doing the whole narrator thing.  He talks about some things he’s observed in the past, because observing is his thing.  Those include the truce between Apokolips and New Genesis, where Highfather and Darkseid each trade a son of theirs to the other, Scott and Orion respectively.  Metron has also observed each of the time altering crises.  Because of the frequency of the crises, the universe is losing it’s cohesion.

Justice League 40 GrailAfter the latest crisis, Flashpoint, the universe has still not yet solidified.  Metron meets with the Anti-Monitor, who he names as Mobius, on the Crime Syndicate planet that he has destroyed (remember Forever Evil).  Metron pleads with Mobius to not continue this course of action, because reality can’t handle it.  Mobius says that he needs a war with Darkseid, because his death is the key to it all.  All being the death of the New Gods and beginning the age of the Anti-God. Metron is attacked from behind by Darkseid’s daughter.  (more…)

The end of Trinity War

The Trinity War ended with Justice League #23, and it got me thinking about how writers should go from setting up the major event, to the event itself.  Now, I always think the event should be set up somewhere in the universe, and one of your top selling books is a fine place to do so, but the ending to Trinity War seems odd to me.  Because I try to be conscious of spoilers, I’ll put the rest after the break.  But be warned, the ending will be spoiled immediately after the break.  (more…)