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Reluctant acceptance

Anyone who has been with us for a while probably knows that despite being a huge X-Men fan, my all-time favorite superhero is the second incarnation of the Blue Beetle, Ted Kord.  I’ve loved the guy for years and have endured having to explain who the hell he is pretty much any time someone new finds out that I’m a huge comic nerd and asks “Who’s your favorite?”

You probably are also well aware that it absolutely broke my heart when DC finally gave him a spotlight issue that made people see him as the awesome hero I always knew he was, only to put a bullet in his head at the end and replace him with a new, hip youngster with the way too overboard power set of “CAN DO EVERYTHING.”

But with the most recent run of Blue Beetle, starring both Jaime Reyes AND Ted Kord, I’ve finally begun to move towards the possibility of accepting Jaime and even liking him.  And then, in issue #8, he does this:


Okay, kid.  You got me.  I like you.



On the post-Doomsday JLA

It may surprise you that my favorite superhero is actually a DC character.  Or at least he was – he took a bullet to the head about 7 years ago and thanks to the New 52 DCU (which has apparently retconned it’s 2.99 line drawing) he may not have even existed.  Perhaps you’ve met him.

I first met my hero in one of his least glamorous moments when I, like every other comic fan in 1992, read the Death of Superman.  Blue Beetle’s role in that story can be summed up by:

But Beetle wasn’t the only casualty of the JLA’s tie-in to Doomsday.  But to handle that mess, I guess we should start at the beginning of the post-Crisis JLA and work our way up.


New Comic Day hangover

Big week for the Marvel U as the Real Big Event closes up.  Elsewhere, new DC runs launch and the X-Men plow on through Second Coming.  Here’s what’s on this week’s list:

Booster Gold #32 in which way too much dialogue sets off not a whole lot of story.

Justice League: Generation Lost #1 in which four of the JLI reunite for a Real Big Story.

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #1 in which the X-Men look weird.

New Avengers Finale in which New Avengers ends before a new New Avengers launches.

New Mutants #13 in which Hope meets the rest of the class.

Siege #4 in which a universal reset button is pressed.

I’ll be covering the Siege event as a whole in a separate post, so we’ll leave that one alone for now.  As for the other five, my thoughts (with SPOILERS included) will follow after the jump.  So jump already.