Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

I have spent the last few months on Netflix, catching up with some of the Arrowverse TV series. I started with “The Flash”; after some delays, I finished the first 3 seasons a few weeks ago. I’ll write about that some time in the future.


I’m now working on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”. I am about 4 episodes through Season 2 and have enjoyed my virtual ride on the Wave Rider with the Legends. Of course I enjoy seeing the Legends in different time periods, especially when they run into other heroes (and villains) from the DC Universe. However, there’s one feature that I enjoy with “Legends” that I wasn’t expecting, when I began this journey: they address social topics.



Podicus Wrecks #68 – Mid-season Finales and Star Wars Video Games

This week, with the mid-season finales, we’re discussing the state of the CW DC shows (Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow) and The Walking Dead.  Then, since The Last Jedi comes out this week, we figured that we should discuss something related to Star Wars, so we’re discussing video games related to Star Wars.

Supergirl moves to CW

Starting this Fall, Supergirl will be on Mondays on the CW, rather than CBS.  This makes sense.  The CW already has 3 DC Comics shows in Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.  It never really made sense that the same group was making Supergirl, but CBS was airing it.  Now, I suppose the only question is how do they incorporate it with the other shows.  In The Flash/Supergirl crossover, it was established that Supergirl takes place on a different Earth.  They’ve already promised a 4 part crossover between all of the shows.  Maybe they do some type of crisis event, and Supergirl gets stranded on “Earth-1.”  (Earth-1 according to The Flash.)

But whatever they do, I suppose I should get caught up on the show.  Watched the first episode and liked it, but I missed some episodes.

This highlight reel that CW put out may contain some mild spoilers for Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.  I say mild, because I’m only about halfway through the seasons, and only appearances were spoiled.  No story stuff that I could understand.