Podicus Wrecks #56 – Batman Hush

In this week’s episode, I fill Anthony in on the Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee Batman story, Hush.  Originally appearing in Batman #608-619, Hush is great example of both Loeb and Lee’s finer work.  Loeb’s dialog is interesting and engaging, getting at the heart of what Batman is feeling and thinking during this story.  Lee’s artwork is as beautiful as ever.  We wrap up by spending a few minutes discussing Netflix’s Death Note movie.



Netflix’s Death Note review

Death Note posterI cannot say that I have a vast knowledge of Death Note.  I have never read the manga.  I watched half of the anime.  I have seen all 3 of the Japanese movies.  So, I do not claim to be an expert or even a big fan.  I enjoyed what I have watched, but had not gone out to find more to engulf myself with.  Add all of this with the fact that I am generally open to new adaptations, and I entered watching the new Netflix Death Note movie with what I would call cautious optimism.  And I did try to keep that open mind for as long as I could.  Unfortunately, it was not that long at all.

If you are thinking about making an adaptation, where you are changing the setting and tone, then do yourself a favor and change the characters as well.  With this adaptation, the setting has been changed to Seattle.  I do not quite know how to describe the change in tone.  In what I have seen, it was always a serious, almost somber tone.  This movie almost felt like they were going for camp, even gore early on.  That may have worked, if they had used different characters.  Spoilers ahead.  (more…)

Podicus Wrecks #10 – Over-exposure to your interests

In this episode, I discuss my thoughts on Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, Netflix’s Jessica Jones, and Star Trek Beyond.  I then discuss the perils of getting too immersed in every detail and rumor related to your interests.

Footage from Netflix’s Voltron

IGN has released a sizzle real (not sure the difference between that and a trailer) of Netflix’s new Voltron series.  The series launches on June 10th.  It’s quite likely that I’ll binge watch it that weekend, as it’s only 10 or 11 episodes.  I’ll let you know what I think of it.  After watching the trailer, honestly, I don’t think I have high expectations.  I’ve mentioned before about how I’ve tried re-watching the original series as an adult, and had all of my childhood memories tarnished.  Below is the previously released trailer, since I’m having some issues embedding the IGN video.