The Nintendo Labo stuff is weird and…intriguing???

Nintendo had teased an announcement about a new game/peripheral aimed at kids and kids at heart.  What we got was the Nintendo Labo.

When I heard people describing it, I thought it sounded incredibly odd, but whatever.  I’m not a kid.  Things can be not for me, and that’s fine.  But then I watched the video, and I’m intrigued.  In a nutshell, there’s a game, and a cardboard kit to construct something to use to interact with the game.  The motion is gauged by the IR camera that is in the bottom of the right joy-con.  So for instance, there is a piano that can be constructed, and with where the joy-con is placed, the camera can tell which key is being pressed.

I find the whole thing interesting.  Not sure it is something I will get, but it is definitely something new and innovative.  Reminds me of why I always stick with Nintendo.


Podicus Wrecks #63 – Upcoming movies

This week, Anthony and J. R. are talking about upcoming movies they are interested in, premiering between Nov. 2017 and April 2018. They start with their thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok, and continue with their thoughts heading into Justice League, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Panther, and others. Jacob then pops in to offer his take on the trailer for The New Mutants. Casey then has his minute recaps of the “The Damned” and “Monsters” episodes of The Walking Dead. Finally being wrapped up with some thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey and news from Blizzcon.


Podicus Wrecks #31 – A Mutant Named Xorn

In this episode, we have a follow-up to how terrible Anthony and J.R.’s brackets have turned out, we discuss writers being duly credited for the stories they write (2:09), this week’s “Better Know an X-Man” features Husk (7:32), Jacob gives us a lesson on the convoluted history of Xorn (12:47), and we wrap out by talking about some video games we have been playing (43:28).

Podicus Wrecks #29 – Strange Viewings

In this episode, we briefly discuss our first impressions on the Nintendo Switch, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Logan.  Our very first “Better Know an X-Men” segment features Marrow.  We then go in depth with our review of Doctor Strange.

Why I buy Nintendo consoles at launch

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch just a couple hours away here in the U.S., I thought I’d share something that has been on my mind today.  While taking a walk at work, I started thinking why exactly I jump on Nintendo consoles at launch, but not others.  For the record, I have bought the Wii, Wii U, and now Switch all within the launch window.  While I do own Playstations 2-4, I didn’t but any of them at launch, and don’t foresee buying whatever comes next from Sony at launch, either.  But why is that?

I like the Playstation.  There have been many games that I’ve enjoyed released for the Sony systems.  Many games I’m looking forward to.  But with each release, I never find myself in a hurry to buy the most recent one.  I usually wait until there are several games released that I am interested in.  Why the double standard?  With the Wii and Wii U, there was nothing particularly big coming out at launch that I wanted to play.  Sure, the Wii had Twilight Princes, but I could have played that on the Gamecube.  Likewise, now with the Switch, I’m only for certain getting Breath of the Wild, which I could also play on Wii U.  Yet, I find myself really looking forward to getting the Switch on my lunch break tomorrow.  (more…)