Peter David

Podicus Wrecks #51 – The Start of Young Justice

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing the early days of Peter David’s and Todd Nauck’s Young Justice series.  Anthony had never read any of it, so we sat him down and forced him to.  Well, not forced him to.  More like gave him the opportunity to experience the greatness that is Young Justice.  This episode covers the Book One collection that DC released back in April, Young Justice #1-7, plus some tie-ins.  Also, Casey is back with a minute recap of the latest Game of Thrones episode, “Spoils of War.”


On Very Special issues

In my last post, I commented on a moment at the close of Teen Titans #1 in which the character Bunker took a moment to soapbox a bit on a comment someone made that he saw as derogatory against gay people.  The scene, in its entirety, is below:

bunker1 bunker2 bunker3When I picked up the issue, I had no idea who Bunker was.  I had skipped the Scott Lobdell Titans run and he did not exist before that book launched with the New 52.  But with this moment, I immediately thought “Oh, this is the gay character.”  And I don’t mean that derogatory – but with the purple and pink outfit, the earrings coming juuuust below the mask, and then the speech, it was obvious.

So I looked up Bunker on Wikipedia and learned that not only was he indeed gay, but had been created specifically to be “the gay character”.  It’s one of those oft-touted things that comic companies do to reach out and show how forward-thinking they are.  Like launching an entire X-Men team of females or announcing in big bold print that the new Ms. Marvel is Muslim.

And really, there’s nothing wrong with that.  A team like Teen Titans should have a gay character in there if his presence is justified than more than simply “he’s the gay one”.  Of course, if you’re going for good representation, you might want to toss in someone who’s not white.  I suppose Bunker is Mexican, so he fills two minority spots.

So okay, Bunker’s cool.  What’s my problem with this scene?


eXaminations, 6/4/14 releases

I will tell you one thing, fair reader – moving sucks.  There are few things I’d rather do less than move.  Used car shopping comes to mind.  Anyway, the dear lady love and I have just moved into our very first house.  Isn’t that exciting?  Be excited for us.

Anyway, now that I’m mostly settled in (not at all) I suppose it’s time to take a look at what came out this week.  Here’s what we’ll be looking out.

  • All-New X-Factor #9 in which we get some Gambit focus.
  • Amazing X-Men #8 in which we get new writers Kyle & Yost taking  over for Jason Aaron.
  • Amazing X-Men Annual #1 in which I make fun of Marvel for putting out a regular issue and an Annual on the same week.
  • Cyclops #2 in which I get to stop complaining about Corsair.

As always, there will be SPOILERS so if that bothers you, stop here.


And finally the truth is revealed

One of the saddest bits of comic news EVER was the announcement that Peter David was ending X-Factor.  Throughout all the nonsense that the X-Men line has been put through over the last few years, X-Factor has remained an excellent read and a home for some of my favorite B-list X-Characters.  That was the entire point of it.

But even though X-Factor is sadly coming to an end, Peter David is taking the opportunity to close out the various characters’ stories that have been building for some time.  In the case of Wolfsbane, she finally got a place where she can have a happy life (as long as Craig Kyle and Chris Yost don’t get a hold of her).  With this week’s issue #259, it was time to finally lay out the story of Longshot and Shatterstar – a story hinted at for most of the time both characters have been in the comic.

by BlitheFool

And, being the awesomeness of Peter David, it wasn’t just a simple “what is the connection between Longshot and Shatterstar”, but also an opportunity to fix a loose plot thread over a decade old, which probably only was still bothering an old cranky X-Men fan like me.  But since I’m an X-Men fan like me, I’m going to tell you all about it.



Get well, Peter David

Just came across this article on Comic Book Resources.  Apparently over the weekend, Peter David suffered a stroke over the weekend.  Around here, his X-Factor and Young Justice are two of our favorite books.  Looking for something better to say, but words just fail me right now.  Maybe we can come back later with a more eloquent entry.  But right now, we just wish him a quick recovery.

Peter David’s Green Hornet

It’s no secret that Peter David is my favorite comic writer.  He’s been so since I discovered Young Justice at a time when I wasn’t reading many comics, which led me to rediscover the old issues of X-Factor that had been in my longbox for years.  When CBR features him in one of their weekly X-Position articles, I’m always eager to check it out.  Yesterday, amongst the usual questions of future stories for X-Factor and how he plots his storylines, a rather interesting story was told.  And it involved this:

This picture alone is better than Seth Rogen's movie.

PAD scripted the new Spider-Man game “Edge of Time”, so Activision brought him out to the recent WonderCon on their dime.  Wanting Activision to get the most for their money, he decided to limit his appearance to the game panel so that any attention he got would be shared by the game, since that was the whole reason he was there.  But still wanting to enjoy the convention, he put together a Green Hornet costume and went incognito.  And surprisingly enough, the costume worked like a charm.  He got numerous requests for pictures, but very few people recognized who he actually was and thus didn’t hound him with questions and autograph requests.

The funniest line of the article, though, came when he was talking about how creators he had known for years still didn’t recognize him:

[I]t was rather entertaining to walk up to Len Wein and say, “I’m a huge fan, Mr. Wolfman.”

I would have paid to see THAT reaction.