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This Week In Spider-Man – 1/10/2018

This week I’m covering Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #26, which I’m honestly still trying to process and Venom #160, in which we try to remember who has what symbiote. So if you’re like me and you’re wondering why Deadpool has a long grey beard & Spider-Man’s in a wheelchair, let’s go find out!



eXaminations – Week of 1/10/18

It’s really hard to be an X-Men fan right now.  At least it is for me, and I’ve been through some pretty awful periods of the X-Men.  Two weeks ago, I said on Generation X was doing me in.  Then last week, Iceman threw me a pretty hard stinker.  This week – well, let’s just get to it.  We’re looking at:

  • Cable #153 in which one of the poorer 90’s stories gets dug up and made worse.
  • Phoenix Resurrection The Return of Jean Grey #3 in which the X-Men continue to wait for the series to end so they can get Jean Grey back to start X-Men Red.
  • X-Men Blue #19 in which some back peddling is done with the teenage X-Men.
  • X-Men Gold Annual #1 in which the old Excalibur team reunites for the return of a story that didn’t involve a single one of them.

I also picked up the latest issue of Archie, but I’m going to cover that book in a separate post.  It’s actually really good.

So SPOILER WARNING and all that.


And finally the truth is revealed

One of the saddest bits of comic news EVER was the announcement that Peter David was ending X-Factor.  Throughout all the nonsense that the X-Men line has been put through over the last few years, X-Factor has remained an excellent read and a home for some of my favorite B-list X-Characters.  That was the entire point of it.

But even though X-Factor is sadly coming to an end, Peter David is taking the opportunity to close out the various characters’ stories that have been building for some time.  In the case of Wolfsbane, she finally got a place where she can have a happy life (as long as Craig Kyle and Chris Yost don’t get a hold of her).  With this week’s issue #259, it was time to finally lay out the story of Longshot and Shatterstar – a story hinted at for most of the time both characters have been in the comic.

by BlitheFool

And, being the awesomeness of Peter David, it wasn’t just a simple “what is the connection between Longshot and Shatterstar”, but also an opportunity to fix a loose plot thread over a decade old, which probably only was still bothering an old cranky X-Men fan like me.  But since I’m an X-Men fan like me, I’m going to tell you all about it.



Making something better

Admittedly, we don’t check our email address very often.  We’re only human and we tend to forget that it’s even there, even though it’s right there bam smack on the side.  But when I did check it a few days ago, I found something that had been sitting there for quite a while that I’m kicking myself for not having gone and checked it earlier.

We here at Comicdom Wrecks! love to make fun of Rob Liefeld.  We really do.  He’s successful and we hate him for it because we think his art looks….well, god awful, really.  But in all the Rob Liefeld bashing that gets tossed out, never did I take a moment to think “How could I do it better?”

Ron Joseph did think that, and he shared it with me.  And now I’m sharing it with you.

Ron took the first five pages of the now-cancelled Hawk and Dove and redrew them in his style.



Thursday’s DC News from San Diego

Most of DC’s panels dealt with simple discussion of thing that had already been announced.  However, there was one big announcement during the Vertigo panel.  Near the end of it, there was a video of Neil Gaiman talking about how he had never told the story of what happened to Morpheus before being captured by Burgess in issue #1, and now seemed like a good time to do it.  So, Gaiman will be writing a new 6-issue series that will be drawn by J. H. Williams III, and is to be released sometime next year.

Now, I don’t have the slightest idea of what this means, because I’ve never actually read Sandman.  It’s something I keep meaning to read, but just have never gotten around to it.  But this new announcement has piqued my curiosity.  I am a big fan of J. H. Williams III, and will be greatly tempted to get this mini-series.

The other thing that was briefly touched upon that I’m looking forward to is Scott Snyder’s upcoming Joker story in Batman.  I had never read anything Snyder has written before his pre-New52 run on Detective Comics, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed his writing.  Of what I’m getting, I consider Batman to be the best DC title being published.  I look forward to seeing what he’s going to do with the Joker in the New52.

Other tidbits after the break.  (more…)

On Onslaught…as a means for a tad bit more Liefeld bashing

Onslaught has certainly gotten a bad wrap in the years since the storyline went down, and for many good reasons.  For one, Marvel didn’t really know what Onslaught even was when Juggernaut whispered the name in the first post-Age of Apocalypse issue of Uncanny X-Men back in 1996.  The event itself was a horrid mish-mosh of heroes running around doing pretty much nothing until the final explosion wrapped everything up.  In fact, the only important things that happened in the entire event were:

  • X-Men learn Onslaught’s identity.
  • Franklin Richards gets pulled in to set up the follow-up.
  • Thor rips Professor X out of Onslaught.
  • Heroes explode.

Yet the event had a ton more to it, and most of it was slop.

But the build to Onslaught and the ultimate revelation that it was indeed the tainted psyche of Professor X was an excellent story in itself.  There was genuine threat for the X-Men, and you could feel the team unwinding because of the changes going on within Charles Xavier.  The tainting of his psyche was actually the one positive thing to come out of Fatal Attractions (god knows villain-Colossus wasn’t) and in its own weird way, the whole thing worked…until they tried to do something with it.

But Onslaught is a story that is best left in the past.  It’s okay to bring it up once in a while in the event that someone’s worried about Professor X (the same way Dark Phoenix would be mentioned if Jean Grey was acting weird), and as for Heroes Reborn?  F*ck that.  It ruined the epic Mark Waid/Ron Garney Captain America run by replacing it with Rob Liefeld and his stupid eagle head mask.

So it should come as little surprise to anyone that I did not read the anniversary book Onslaught Reborn.
And that’s even before I found out it was done by Jeph “I don’t care what anyone else is doing in their own comics” Loeb and Rob “I see women weird” Liefeld.

I will give kudos to Liefeld on one bit – he did a decent job on Captain America.  Unfortunately, he made Scarlet Witch’s hand look crazy-weird (though I suppose technically okay), and he gave Iron Man a wrinkly, cringed face and lips.  I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the Iron Man armor is a big metal suit.  It doesn’t have facial expressions, and it should never EVER have lips.  Never.

But then there’s cute, collectible keychain Onslaught standing there in the corner about as un-menacingly as possible.  When Onslaught debuted, he looked fantastically awesome.

Liefeld got all the pieces right, but managed to strip all the dynamics right away.  And to that I say well done?

Ah well.  If anyone read this book and liked it, feel free to give me the good ol’ wag of the finger.