Supergirl – “Both Sides Now”

Previously on Supergirl, Morgan Edge and Lena were trying to kill each other.  Then Mama Luthor stepped, complete with power armor, but Supergirl and Mon-El took her out.  Although, none of that really matters this week.  Just remember from last week that Samantha has told everyone about the missing time she’s experiencing, and no one can figure out why.  From two weeks ago, remember that Supergirl found out that there were 2 more world killers out there, and they did discover the identity of one of them from Kara’s dreams.

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Supergirl – “For Good”

We last left Supergirl with her gaining the knowledge of the other World Killers that would assist Reign.  Although, that really isn’t that important for this episode.  Samantha was realizing that she is missing time.  This is important for this episode.  Also, Lena Luthor a while ago had come close to killing Morgan Edge, who in turn, nearly killed her.  That’s the story line that we’re focusing on this week.  So, no Reign, no Saturn Girl or Brainiac-5.  Hell, we don’t even see Ruby this week.  Although, Alex’s leg appears to be better.

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Supergirl – “Fort Rozz”

Last week, we got to see half of the Legion of Superheroes in action.  Sadly, the Legion can’t debut every week.  This week, with “Fort Rozz,” we return to that Phantom Zone prison, because there are still people in the prison, even after Kara hurled it into space.  (Honestly, I don’t have any memory of that happening.)  However, due to some very coincidental coincidences, Kara would not be making the trip on her own.  So, who would be joining Kara on this grand adventure?  What would Alex be doing after breaking her leg?

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Supergirl – “Legion of Superheroes”

Supergirl returns from its mid-season with break with the episode “Legion of Superheroes.”  In the mid-season finale, Supergirl was savagely beaten by Reign, and left in a coma.  How would…wait, did that title say “Legion of Superheroes?”  Holy #%&@, there actually going full Legion already?  We don’t have to wait until near the end of the season for what they’ve been teasing?  Awesome.

The episode begins with the introduction of Brainiac-5.  A very hideous looking version of Brainiac-5.  Seriously, it’s pretty bad.  And Brainiac-5 has a pretty basic look to him.  Hopefully, they’ll transition to more of his traditional look.  The show needed to establish who Brainiac-5 was quickly.  It seems that they are not nearly done introducing new heroes and villains this season, so there is a small window to establish people before moving on.

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Podicus Wrecks #68 – Mid-season Finales and Star Wars Video Games

This week, with the mid-season finales, we’re discussing the state of the CW DC shows (Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow) and The Walking Dead.  Then, since The Last Jedi comes out this week, we figured that we should discuss something related to Star Wars, so we’re discussing video games related to Star Wars.

Supergirl moves to CW

Starting this Fall, Supergirl will be on Mondays on the CW, rather than CBS.  This makes sense.  The CW already has 3 DC Comics shows in Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.  It never really made sense that the same group was making Supergirl, but CBS was airing it.  Now, I suppose the only question is how do they incorporate it with the other shows.  In The Flash/Supergirl crossover, it was established that Supergirl takes place on a different Earth.  They’ve already promised a 4 part crossover between all of the shows.  Maybe they do some type of crisis event, and Supergirl gets stranded on “Earth-1.”  (Earth-1 according to The Flash.)

But whatever they do, I suppose I should get caught up on the show.  Watched the first episode and liked it, but I missed some episodes.

This highlight reel that CW put out may contain some mild spoilers for Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.  I say mild, because I’m only about halfway through the seasons, and only appearances were spoiled.  No story stuff that I could understand.

Crossover Madness

This month’s “Crossover Madness” features a four-part story that appeared in the Superman family of titles during the month of August 2009.  To be blunt, this particular story wasn’t very good, but that didn’t really matter, since no one was reading the Superman titles anyways.  You see, this story was in the middle of a year long storyline in which Krypton had been reborn thanks to Kandor being rescued from Braniac.  Well, that, and the large population of Kryptonians being exiled to a new planet.  This exile included Superman.  So, he’s on new Krypton finally with his own people, but unfortunately working directly under General Zod.  It was a real interesting story of Superman having to take orders from an enemy in order to work towards the greater good of his people.  This was going on in Superman:  World of New Krypton.  In the pages of Superman, you had Mon-El filling in, protecting Metropolis in Superman’s absence.  In Action Comics, you had Nightwing (Kryptonian version, Chris Kent) and Flamebird, and a lot of exploration of Kryptonian religion.  And Supergirl was still in Supergirl.  I didn’t read it.

Anyways, it was a really different and interesting time in the Superman books.  So, obviously, hardly anyone read it.  People just complained that Superman wasn’t appearing in the Superman titles.  And I just wanted to smack them.  You can’t complain about the same, boring stories being published all the time, and then be unhappy because their not publishing the same, boring stories.  But, I digress.  Anyways, here’s your crossover.

Codename:  Patriot

Issues:  Superman:  World of New Krypton #6, Action Comics #880, Supergirl #44, Superman “691

Writers:  Greg Rucka (Superman:  WoNK, Action Comics), James Robinson (Superman:  WoNK, Action Comics, Superman), Sterling Gates (Supergirl)

Artists:  Pete Woods (Superman:  WoNK), Julian Lopez (Action Comics), Jamal Igle (Supergirl), Renato Guedes (Superman)  (more…)