Krypton trailer

Now, I’m generally accepting of all types of adaptations.  I’m not one that demands adherence to a set of minor details, so long as the big details are correct.  I have watched, and enjoyed, Gotham from the beginning, even though there are very few similarities between it and the source material that I so dearly love.  That being said, even I laughed at the idea of doing a show set on Krypton that would feature Superman’s grandfather.

Honestly, since the initial news that someone was looking at developing the show, I had kind of forgotten about it.  Put it out of my mind as something so ridiculous it would never get done.  But lo and behold, the show is in fact real.  It will premiere on the Syfy channel in March, and now there is a trailer to judge.



Podicus Wrecks #64 – JLA Tower of Babel

With Justice League coming out this weekend, we thought we would discuss a Justice League story.  We picked Mark Waid’s Tower of Babel.  This story appeared in JLA 43-46, with the trade including some other issues, including a weird story about sentient bacteria.  So, enjoy this story that may have cemented the calculating, distrusting Batman.

Podicus Wrecks #61 – The Return of Superman

It’s part 3 of our look back at the death and return of Superman. This week, it’s all about the reign of the Supermen and the return of Superman. Find out who steps up to fill in for Superman. Does some shady fellow with questionable hair try to be Lois’ rebound? Are any of the 4 new Superman the actual Superman? What role does Coast City have to play in all of this? Find this and more in this week’s episode.

Dark Nights: Metal #3

DC Metal 3 coverScott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s epic power ballad continues with Metal #3.  If you are not caught up with the series, you can check out my reviews of Metal #1 and Metal #2.  We last left off with Batman inadvertently opening the portal to the Dark Multiverse, allowing the Dark Batmen to enter, and cause all kinds of chaos (check out Gotham Resistance or the Dark Batmen origins).

This story starts in a dream. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent are rocking out as their parents, along with Diana wait for the rest of the Justice League to arrive to celebrate their victory in the war.  But that celebration is short lived as they notice Bruce beginning to bleed in the shape of a bat.  As he says “Carpe Diem,” Barbatos springs from Bruce, leaving Superman to fight him, again.  Superman has been fighting Barbatos continuously for what has seemed like a lifetime, until Wonder Woman pulls him from a tower of people.  (more…)

Podicus Wrecks #60 – World Without a Superman

Our trek through the death and return of Superman continues with “World Without a Superman.” You may know this a “Funeral for a Friend.” How does Metropolis, nay the World, cope with the death of Superman? How does Lex Luthor feel about the death of his arch enemy? Will Lois Lane punch someone when they say that Clark Kent is bound to turn up? Is Turpin actually a freakish monster? Seriously, what is up with the Newsboys?


Podicus Wrecks #59 – The Death of Superman

With the 25th anniversary of “The Death of Superman” story line approaching, we thought we would share our thoughts on that event. Find out what happens when a character created solely to kill Superman fights Superman. Does a JLA that includes Bloodwynd and Guy Gardner stand a chance against Doomsday? Who is Lex Luthor Jr. and why does he have red hair? Is there a correct way to kill characters? How should big story points be marketed? What in the world is going on with the DC movies? Those questions and more are answered within this episode.

Podicus Wrecks #41 – John Byrne’s The Man of Steel

In this episode we take a look at John Byrne’s The Man of Steel mini-series.  This mini-series, was DC Comics’ effort to reboot and simplify Superman after the Multiverse condensing story, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and stood as the cornerstone of Superman stories for almost 20 years.  Also, this week’s “Better Know an X-Man” features Xorn 2.