Todd Nauck

Podicus Wrecks #51 – The Start of Young Justice

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing the early days of Peter David’s and Todd Nauck’s Young Justice series.  Anthony had never read any of it, so we sat him down and forced him to.  Well, not forced him to.  More like gave him the opportunity to experience the greatness that is Young Justice.  This episode covers the Book One collection that DC released back in April, Young Justice #1-7, plus some tie-ins.  Also, Casey is back with a minute recap of the latest Game of Thrones episode, “Spoils of War.”


New Youngblood…or Rob Liefeld Tries Again

Once upon a time, I wrote a comic book.  It’s true.  I invented a character, gave him an origin, gave him a villain, and had him fight that villain.  He wasn’t particularly interesting or original – hell, I pretty much ripped off a story my brother had written a few weeks before – but in my defense, I was 10.  Over the next year or so, I wrote and drew several other comics with this character, but I always started a story arc without completing it or following up on anything else I had written.  No one really cared about the comic since it was sub-par at best and filled with characters that had little beyond a name, a costume, and a power set, but I loved it so I kept cranking them out whenever I was bored.

In a completely unrelated story, Rob Liefeld is bringing back Youngblood.