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Kong: Skull Island review

kong skull island posterThis is a story about love, loss, life changes, ambition, carelessness, and judging others.  But mainly, it is the story about a giant gorilla.  A really giant gorilla.  A really giant gorilla on an island that looks nothing like a skull, but may have some rock formations that kind of looked like a skull, maybe.  Overall, this is a fine movie.  It is nothing that you will remember in a month or two, but while you are watching it, you are entertained.  And is that not what a movie should do?  Every movie is not either the greatest ever, or crap, but that is a topic for another day.

Back in 2014, Warner Bros., with Legendary Entertainment, decided to relaunch a giant monster movie universe with the release of Godzilla.  It was also a fine movie, with enough Godzilla goodness.  Now, we get the next installment with Kong: Skull Island.  But, there are some odd things about this follow-up that seem a little weird.  (Mild spoilers ahead.)  (more…)


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them review

fantastic-beasts-movie-posterFirst off, let’s all get one thing straight.  This is not a new Harry Potter movie.  I’m hesitant to even say this is a new movie in the world of Harry Potter.  No character that was in any of the Harry Potter movies actually appears in this movie.  There is a brief mention of a teacher at Hogwarts named Albus Dumbledore, but that’s it.  This movie is set 70 years before Harry Potter, in the same world that the Harry Potter movies exist.

It may seem like I’m splitting hairs with that description, but I feel like it’s an important distinction to make. Establishing expectations could be the difference between enjoying this movie and not enjoying it.  I think that if you go in expecting another “Harry Potter” movie, then you may be disappointed. If you go in expecting to see witches and wizards and magic, and magical beings that you’ve seen before, then you will likely enjoy this movie.  (more…)