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Justice League trailer

So, here we have a trailer for the upcoming Justice League.  There’s a lot of stuff shown, but I don’t think you can really tell from the trailer if Warner Bros. has really changed their ways.  Sure, the movie looks good, but visuals aren’t what people have complained about in Zack Snyder movies.  I’m probably over-thinking it, but it definitely seems like WB wants us to think Justice League will be a bit less grim.

First thoughts are that I really think Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman are going to determine if this movie is any good.  Does the movie get bogged down introducing those characters, or do their appearances flow naturally with the pace of the movie?  Also, where’s Superman?  Yes, I know what happened at the end of Batman v. Superman.  But really, is anyone expecting him to not show up in Justice League?  Personally, I don’t think you should put Superman in any of the marketing.  If/When he shows up, let it truly be a surprise.

Wonder Woman trailer

I guess you could say my feelings toward this movie currently are a high level of cautious optimism.  I like that they’re going with a World War 1 movie.  I liked what little we saw of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman.  My worst fear is that Warner Bros. is learning all of the wrong lessons from the critical failures of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.  The movie doesn’t have to have more jokes.  It needs to tell a coherant story.  Don’t leave story details on the editing room floor.  So hopefully, this movie will do well and be enjoyable.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition review

Batman_v_Superman_posterWhen the wife and I initially saw the movie in theaters, we both enjoyed yet.  Yes, I understood problems people had with the movie, but they were not problems for me.  Due to some life issues, I was delayed in writing a review for that version of the film, and when they announced the Ultimate Edition, I just decided to wait for it.  So, I bought the Ultimate Edition on blu-ray, and watched it with a friend that had not seen it in theaters.

As we’re watching the movie, every now and then I’d point out some scenes that weren’t in the theatrical release.  And as we got further along in the movie, these “extra” scenes actually started to upset me.  I wasn’t upset that I was watching an even longer version of this movie with unnecessary fluff scenes added back in.  No, I was upset because these were scenes that had no business being cut out of the movie in the first place.

These scenes would have greatly helped the story to those that complained that the story didn’t make sense.  Well, in this extra 30 minutes, the story does make sense.  There are entire sub-plots that are vital to leading us to the point where Batman and Superman would be fighting.  Spoilers after the break. (more…)

Legion of Collectors March 2016 unboxing

I have been a subscriber to Loot Crate for almost a year, and mostly enjoy it.  When I saw that Funko was putting together a bi-monthly box containing all stuff related to DC Comics, I couldn’t pass it up.  The first box came out this month, probably to correspond with the upcoming release of Batman vs. Superman.  I will be showing you the items that were in the box, and giving my perceived value.  That’s not to be confused with retail value.  I have no doubt that if you add up the retail value that it would surpass what I paid for it.  However, that doesn’t mean that I’d be willing to pay retail value for these items.  I also don’t care about stuff like exclusivity.  Thoughts and pictures after the break. (more…)

Why I’m not interested in Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman

Having fallen behind my monthly readings yet again, I finally read the first issue of Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman.  I went into the issue already thinking that I wasn’t going to continue on with the series, having gotten this issue because the main story was written by Gail Simone and drawn by Ethan Van Sciver.  This first issue did nothing to change my mind.  Here’s why.

My main reason is that it’s an anthology series.  I am not a fan of anthologies.  I’ve previously complained about them in the 80-page giant issues that sometimes get released.  Sure, sometimes the stories are nice, but most often they are never long enough to really go in depth into a story.  Let’s take the Simone story from issue #1 as an example.

In Gotham City, most of Batman’s Rogues Gallery teamed up to immediately take out Batman, Nightwing, and Robin.  Oracle, yes Oracle, calls in Wonder Woman to help.  Wonder Woman comes in and doesn’t have much success at first, trying things Batman’s way. That is through fear.  I’m not entirely sure how she was doing things Batman’s way, other than not killing anyone.  She goes through a moment where she thinks about just taking out the villains for good, but decides to do things her way.  Which is by putting the lasso around the villains and making them see their inner most…fears?


Things you should be reading – Wonder Woman

I started reading Wonder Woman with #600.  I thought the “Odyssey” storyline would be interesting, and a good place to jump on.  We can discuss the merits of that decision another time.  When the New 52 started, I saw that Brian Azzarello was writing it, and decided to give it a chance.  I had enjoyed Superman “For Tomorrow” and Batman “Broken City.”  And now, here we are 20 issues in (let’s not forget the #0 issue), and this title is one of my favorite monthly titles.*

From the beginning, Wonder Woman has been protecting a lady named Zola, who was pregnant with a child of Zeus.  Zola needed protecting because of a prophecy that said a child of Zeus would take the throne of Olympus.  (Some believe the prophecy says “last” child.)  So, all manner of Greek gods and goddesses have gone after the child.  All for their own selfish reasons, of course.  For instance, Hera isn’t happy about Zeus having a bastard child, so she just wants to kill.  Others want to see it’s death, because they see the child as someone that may get in the way of them taking over throne.  Or they believe that if they control the child, then they will control Zeus.  So, needless to say, there is a lot of betrayal and backstabbing going amongst all of the characters.

And it is quite a colorful set of characters.  Seeing Cliff Chiang’s designs for the mythological characters is one of the joys of the book.  Each appearance is unique, and well suited to their particular duties as a deity.  I’m not going to post any picture, because honestly, that would be a lot of work.  Just Google it.  Or Bing it, if you prefer.

Unfortunately, only a little over 49,000 people are buying the monthly title.  Sure, that puts it somewhere in the 30s in the rankings, but that number is far too low for a quality book like this.  (Hawkeye is lower,  but that’s a plea for another day.)

For your enjoyment, here’s a page from the most recent issue.  Not drawn by Cliff Chiang, but someone that is trying to mimic his style.  Oh, and that is Orion with her, who’s been a pain since appearing a few issues ago.

*Those other titles include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Fables, and Hawkeye.

Wonder Woman 19 Orion Kiss